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  • Amanda

Add Links & Images in Jarvis AI Document Editor - New Updates October 2021

We all know Jarvis is the best all-round AI content creator, so how could it possibly get better?

Well, the team behind Jarvis listens to their customers - constantly polling the Javis Official Community on Facebook - and they deliver what their customers demand!

A high percentage of Jarvis users are Bloggers, so the top two feature requests were to add links and images in the document editor.

Well, now you can.

However, this team is not content with just adding new features. They want to improve the Jarvis UX and ensure the customer experience is beyond all expectations.

Jarvis Development Team

Implementing these two new features meant a rethink of the floating toolbar. So wave goodbye to the old and welcome the new document editor fixed toolbar in Jarvis Boss Mode!

New Jarvis Toolbar

Unlock the potential of Jarvis for your content creation

The new fixed toolbar helps mobile users access these tools more easily, and now you can find features in one easy to navigate place:

  • Headings Markup - H1 - H3

  • Bold

  • Add Link

  • Numbered List

  • Bullet Points

  • Add Image

  • Remove Formatting

  • Rephrase

  • Fix Grammar

  • Explain it to a 5th Grader

These updates are available immediately. If you don't see them on your account, simply refresh the app in your browser bar.

See Jarvis in Action

Here's a quick training showing the new document editor add links and add images features:

In this training, I mention: Surfer SEO, which integrates with Jarvis via the SEO Mode tab, and also how to set up the Surfer Brief. I also show an image created with Glorify.

How do these formatting tools in Jarvis help you save time?

Preformatting content for your blog means everything is in the right place, ready for publishing. You'll spend less time copying and pasting and can concentrate on producing quality blog content with Jarvis.

Headings tags indicate the information hierarchy and assist SEO by giving search engines clues about your content.

Bold text can be used to draw attention to features or benefits or just get your point across - don't be afraid to ensure the reader knows what you really mean.

Numbered lists are great for instructions, to-do lists, and helpful suggestions.

Bulleted lists are useful for highlighting key information in a list format. I have covered this more in the blog post: Jarvis Answers: How to Use Bullet Points

Adding links helps you promote products so that you can earn affiliate income. You can link to any page on the web, including other websites and social media pages. Like it? It will be so easy to share!

Adding images increases engagement and sales conversions by up to 25%. Rephrasing text helps you to avoid plagiarism and can be a great way to save time on content creation when dealing with factual content like product reviews.

Fixing grammar can help increase your writing speed because you don't have to think about grammatical rules while you write - just the content!

Explain it to a 5th Grader reduces jargon and complexity by using simple-to-follow concepts that anyone can understand. Your readers will thank you for it.

Bloggers love how easy it is to use Jarvis to build credibility and trust with their readers through engaging, readable content. Jarvis can write for any niche and any industry.

Meet Jarvis AI

Jarvis is not just a tool for bloggers, though!

Marketing companies use Jarvis to streamline their content marketing process and ensure high-quality content at scale. It also reduces costs by reducing the need for writing teams.

HR departments of big companies use Jarvis to produce job descriptions that are accurate and engaging, which increases applications by 20%.

Contact centers also use Jarvis to create highly personalized responses in their FAQ section, improving customer experience and reducing complaints.

Jarvis can help you make more money on your blog - and in your business! Read how people are using Jarvis to build their businesses.

So, did you like this update to the Jarvis document editor?

Head over to the Facebook Group and tell Jarvis what you think about it! They are always listening!

If there's something not covered here that you want in future updates, let Jarvis know, and they'll do their best to accommodate your requests.

We want you to experience Jarvis for yourself and we think you'll like what you see. That's why we're giving you a chance to experience a FREE 5-day trial, absolutely no strings attached. You can get started today at and you'll get an extra 10,000 Bonus Credits when you upgrade to any paid plan - plus I'll show you how to earn 35,000 Bonus Credits 😮

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