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QuillBot Review (2023): Righting Your Writing Wrongs

Writing has always been a love-hate relationship for me. On one hand, the freedom to put thoughts into words is incredibly liberating. On the other, the editing process can be a soul-crushing endeavor. As a huge fan of artificial intelligence tools, I've tried many options to make the journey easier—Grammarly for grammar checks, Copyscape for plagiarism detection, and even old-school thesauruses to avoid repetitive language. But each tool felt like a band-aid for different aspects of writing, never offering a holistic solution. That was until I discovered QuillBot.

AI tools for writers - Quillbot Review

Imagine a writing assistant that elevates your writing to new heights, making it more engaging, polished, and efficient. A versatile and all-powerful AI-driven writing tool that offers a range of features and benefits tailored to enhance your writing process. In this QuillBot review, we'll explore a writing companion that doesn't just correct your spelling and typos but takes your writing to an entirely new level—making it sharper, more compelling, and incredibly efficient. QuillBot is an all-encompassing, AI-powered writing assistant with a suite of features designed to streamline and enrich your writing experience.

Key Takeaways

  • QuillBot is an AI-powered writing assistant that offers a range of features such as paraphrasing, grammar checking, plagiarism detection, citation generation, translation, and an AI-powered co-writer.

  • QuillBot provides users with the ability to optimize word choices, fine-tune sentence structures and generate more engaging content.

  • This useful tool is designed for a seamless experience on both mobile and desktop devices making it an ideal choice for writers looking to improve their written communication.

QuillBot: The Game-Changing Tool

QuillBot is not just another writing tool; it's a multi-faceted platform that aims to revolutionize how we write. Whether you're an academic, a content creator, or someone who wants to improve their writing, QuillBot offers a range of features designed to make your life easier.

What Does QuillBot Offer?

At its core, QuillBot features an advanced paraphrasing tool, powered by cutting-edge AI and Natural Language Processing (NLP) technologies. But that's just the tip of the iceberg. It also offers:

  • Grammar Checker that supports multiple forms of English (American, British, and Australian)

  • Summarizer Tool that can condense lengthy articles into digestible summaries

  • Plagiarism Checker to ensure the originality of your content

  • Citation Generator (Citation Generator) to help you properly credit your sources

  • Translator for free translation in 45 languages

  • Co-Writer integrates online research, note-taking, and AI-assisted composition to streamline and enhance your writing workflow.

Why QuillBot is More Than Just Another Writing Tool

So, why am I so enamored with QuillBot? Because it's not just a tool; it's a comprehensive writing assistant. It's not just that it fixes grammatical errors but also helps you avoid plagiarism, keeping you out of "copy-paste jail." Talk about a get-out-of-jail-free card for human writers! 😄 It actively helps you become a better writer by offering suggestions, examples, alternatives, and insights that you might not have considered. It's like enrolling in a writing course while you're actually writing—talk about learning while you're earning! With QuillBot, you're not just cranking out content; you're also upskilling in real-time. It's the ultimate multitasking: improving your craft while getting the job done. Now, that's what I call a win-win! In the following sections, we'll dive deep into each of these features, my personal experiences with them, and why QuillBot is a must-have co-writer.

QuillBot Overview

Established in 2017 by Rohan Gupta, Anil Jason, and David Silin, QuillBot has grown into a premier paraphrasing tool that utilizes cutting-edge AI to assist with rewriting and improving sentences, articles, and paragraphs.

Acquired by Course Hero, QuillBot is known for its effective text paraphrasing capabilities, offering assistance by way of a range of writing modes and functionalities, including summarization, grammar checking, and word recommendation.

Available as a web-based tool, Chrome add-on, and MS Word extension, QuillBot caters to various writing requirements such as academic writing, blogging, and proofreading. With its AI and natural language processing capabilities, QuillBot has become a must-have tool for writers, students, and professionals alike.

QuillBot's AI and Natural Language Processing (NLP) capabilities

QuillBot leverages AI and NLP techniques, ensuring accurate text rephrasing while keeping context and meaning intact and avoiding word misuse. With QuillBot Premium, users can access additional features and benefits, such as faster processing, more paraphrasing modes, and an ad-free experience.

The tool offers seven paraphrasing modes, including:

  • Standard

  • Fluency

  • Formal

  • Simple

  • Creative

  • Expand

  • Shorten

These modes accommodate a variety of writing styles and tastes, going well beyond what a typical article rewriter can offer. QuillBot’s sophisticated language processing capabilities distinguish it as an invaluable resource for writers aiming to enhance their skills.

Real-world examples of how AI and NLP improve writing

The advent of AI and NLP techniques has transformed the writing process, enabling writers to optimize word choices, fine-tune sentence structures, and generate more compelling content with the help of AI writing tools. By focusing on key sentences and sentiments, writers and authors can ensure that their message is effectively conveyed to the readers.

QuillBot, with its seven AI-driven tools, helps users express their ideas in new ways, ensuring their work is polished and captivating. By harnessing the power of AI and NLP, writers can elevate their craft and produce content that truly stands out.

QuillBot's Features: More Than Just a Paraphrasing Tool

While QuillBot is primarily recognized for its paraphraser tool, it offers a range of features beyond rewriting text. Its suite of tools includes a grammar checker, plagiarism detector, and citation tool, making it a comprehensive writing assistant for users in various fields.

These features make QuillBot an invaluable resource for students, professionals, and anyone else who uses it.

Paraphrasing Capabilities

QuillBot’s paraphrasing tool is a key feature that distinguishes it from other grammar and AI copywriting tools. It enables users to restructure content in various ways, in 30 languages, allowing them to express their ideas more effectively and avoid plagiarism. The paraphraser offers different modes, such as:

  • Standard (Free up to 125 words)

  • Fluency (Free up to 125 words)

  • Formal (Premium)

  • Simple (Premium)

  • Creative (Premium)

  • Expand (Premium)

  • Shorten (Premium)

  • Custom (Premium)

  • Synonyms (Free & Premium)

These modes cater to different writing styles and preferences, and the generated text can be copied to your clipboard or easily downloaded.

Using Quillbot Paraphraser tool to rewrite existing content

In our tests, the premium plan modes were notably superior to the Standard and Fluency modes available in the free version, providing more accurate and context-aware paraphrasing. This makes the premium version an attractive option for users seeking the highest quality output from QuillBot’s paraphrasing capabilities.

Grammar Checking Functionality

QuillBot's Grammar Check feature is a comprehensive tool that not only corrects grammatical errors but also checks for spelling mistakes and punctuation mistakes. It supports multiple English dialects including US, UK, CA, and AU, in addition to German, French and Spanish. The tool is designed to be a one-stop solution for all your grammar needs, offering features like instant correction, unlimited checks, and even turning the grammar check into a learning experience by visually flagging mistakes to help you understand and correct them. It aims to streamline your writing workflow, allowing you to focus more on articulating your ideas rather than worrying about typos or grammatical errors.

Using Quillbot Grammar checker to detect grammar mistakes

In our tests, we found that QuillBot’s grammar checker was able to catch and correct more errors than a traditional grammar checker, making it a valuable asset for polishing your writing.

Plagiarism Checker

The QuillBot Plagiarism Checker offers a comprehensive solution for detecting unintentional plagiarism in your work. It scans your input text against billions of sources, including online content, books, academic papers, and news articles.

With real-time reports and analysis, it quickly identifies plagiarized content in your work, providing clear and actionable feedback on areas that require proper citations. The tool supports scanning text in over 100 languages, making it versatile for a global audience.

While the Quillbot plagiarism checker is a valuable tool, it’s worth noting that even with a premium account, users are limited to 20 pages per month (up to 250 words a page), and credits don't roll over.

Citation Generator

Citations are references that give credit to original sources used in your work. They serve to uphold academic integrity, enhance credibility, and avoid plagiarism. Citations follow specific formatting styles like APA or MLA and include key details like the author's name, title, and publication date. They appear both in the text and in a reference list at the end of your document.

Quillbot Citation tool for to enhance an existing article

QuillBot automates the citation process by automatically inserting web content into your document and citing it for you. As you use the research function to find and include sources, the co-writer takes care of the citation details. This ensures that you uphold academic integrity, enhance the credibility of your work, and avoid plagiarism, all while streamlining your writing workflow.

Add citations in the Quillbot Co-Writer

The generator is user-friendly, offering features like auto-citation through title, URL, or DOI, and it's 100% free with no ads. You can easily edit or update your citations and even get alerts for missing information.

The tool also supports exporting your citation list to Microsoft Word, BibTeX, or CSL-JSON formats. It keeps track of citation style updates, ensuring your citations are always current. Overall, it's designed to make the citation process quick, accurate, and hassle-free.

Summarizer tool

The QuillBot summarizer tool condenses lengthy articles, reports, or documents into a concise, easy-to-understand summary. This useful tool helps you quickly understand the key points of a long piece of text without having to read it in its entirety.

The summarizer tool uses advanced AI and NLP technologies to identify the most important information in a text and present it in a clear, concise summary. This can be incredibly valuable for students, researchers, or anyone who needs to digest large amounts of information quickly.

The summarizer tool is customizable, allowing you to adjust the length of the summary to suit your needs and choose which keywords to incorporate.

Quillbot Summarizer  online tool from Quillbot AI

In our tests, we found that QuillBot's summarizer tool produced accurate and comprehensive summaries, making it a valuable addition to the QuillBot suite of tools.


The QuillBot translator tool supports free translation, up to 5,000 characters at a time, in 45 languages. This feature can be incredibly useful for on-the-go translation - think directions or menus on vacation - and for writers who need to translate their content into different languages.

The translator tool uses advanced AI and NLP technologies to provide accurate translations that maintain the original meaning and context of the text. This ensures that the translated content is of high quality and is understandable to readers.

Quillbot Translator Tool for multi-lingual writing mode

In addition to translating text, QuillBot's translator tool also offers a paraphrasing feature, allowing users to rephrase the translated content in different ways. This can be especially useful for writers who want to avoid literal translations and instead prefer to express the same ideas in a more natural and fluent manner in the target language.


Co-Writer integrates online research, note-taking, and AI-assisted composition to streamline and enhance your writing workflow. It's like having a collaborative partner who's always ready to help you brainstorm, draft, and polish your work. With Smart Start you can input a topic or a set of keywords, or choose an output type - essay, Blog, research paper - and the co-writer tool leverages QuillBot's advanced AI and NLP capabilities to assist you in generating content. This feature not only saves time but also helps you overcome writer's block by providing a starting point for your content.

Quillbot Smart Start in Co-Writer

Create content with Quillbot Co-Writer

Additionally, the co-writer tool includes a built-in research function that allows you to search the internet for information related to your topic, right within the QuillBot interface. This means you don't have to switch between different tabs or apps to conduct your research, making your writing process more efficient.

With the co-writer feature, QuillBot truly becomes more than just a writing tool - it becomes a comprehensive writing assistant that helps you at every step of your writing process, from brainstorming and drafting to editing and finalizing your content.

The QuillBot Experience: A User’s Perspective

QuillBot provides a user-friendly experience that integrates seamlessly into a writer’s workflow, with an intuitive interface and accessibility on both mobile and desktop devices. This great tool makes it easy for writers to access and utilize QuillBot’s features whenever needed.

A day in the life of a writer using QuillBot

From drafting to editing and proofreading, QuillBot can be used throughout the writing process to enhance the quality of a writer’s work. By offering valuable suggestions and improvements, QuillBot enables writers to focus on their ideas and creativity while ensuring their content is polished and engaging.

How QuillBot integrates into the writing workflow

QuillBot easily integrates into a writer’s workflow, providing valuable suggestions and improvements as they work on their content. This seamless integration via macOS, Microsoft® Office, Google Docs, and Google Chrome, allows writers to make the most of QuillBot’s features and improve their writing without disrupting their creative process.

User interface and experience

The user interface of QuillBot is designed to be user-friendly, with a simple and intuitive layout. It offers a clean and easy-to-navigate environment, allowing users to quickly access and make use of the tool.

The straightforward interface ensures that writers of all levels can benefit from QuillBot’s features without getting bogged down in complicated menus or settings.

Mobile and desktop accessibility

QuillBot is accessible on both mobile and desktop devices, ensuring users can access the tool whenever they need it. Although it does not have a dedicated mobile or desktop app, QuillBot can be accessed through a web browser, making it a convenient and versatile option for writers on the go.

QuillBot Pricing and Plans (Free vs Premium)

QuillBot offers both free and premium plans, catering to the needs of different users. The free plan provides basic paraphrasing and grammar-checking functionality, while the premium plan offers additional features and benefits for those who want to get the most out of QuillBot.

Quillbot free vs paid plan

Free Plan

The free plan of QuillBot offers basic paraphrasing and grammar checking functionality with a character limit. This allows users to access and utilize some of QuillBot’s features without any financial commitment, making it a great starting point for those who want to try the tool before deciding on a premium plan.

Premium Plan

The premium plan of QuillBot provides users with advanced features such as increased word limits, priority support, advanced writing modes, plagiarism checker (20 pages per month), and faster processing speeds. This makes the premium plan an attractive option for users who want to fully utilize QuillBot’s features and enjoy a more seamless writing experience.

Quillbot pricing

Return on investment in terms of time and quality

Investing in QuillBot can:

  • Save users time

  • Improve the quality of their writing

  • Offer valuable suggestions and improvements

  • Enable writers to focus on their ideas and creativity

  • Ensure their content is polished and engaging.

The premium plan, in particular, provides a tangible return on investment in terms of time and quality, making it a worthwhile investment for those seeking to elevate their writing.

Ethical Considerations When Using QuillBot

Using QuillBot ethically and responsibly is essential to avoid plagiarism and maintain originality in writing. Adherence to best practices and guidelines can assure QuillBot is used to enhance writing without jeopardizing the integrity of the user or their work.

How to use QuillBot responsibly

To use QuillBot responsibly, users should ensure they are using the tool to enhance their writing while still maintaining their own voice and ideas. This means using QuillBot as a tool for improvement, rather than relying solely on its output.

By incorporating QuillBot into their writing process in an ethical and responsible manner, users can ensure that their work remains original and authentic.

Addressing concerns about plagiarism and originality

Addressing concerns about plagiarism and originality involves using QuillBot as a tool for improvement, rather than relying solely on its output. By taking the time to review and revise their work after using QuillBot’s features, users can maintain the originality and authenticity of their writing.

This ensures that QuillBot is used as a valuable resource for enhancing writing quality and efficiency, rather than as a means to plagiarize or compromise the integrity of the work.


Throughout this QuillBot review, we have explored the various features and benefits that make QuillBot a must-have tool for writers. From its advanced paraphrasing capabilities to its user-friendly interface and mobile accessibility, QuillBot offers a comprehensive solution for writers seeking to improve their craft.

By using QuillBot responsibly and ethically, users can ensure their work remains original and engaging. So, why wait? Give QuillBot a try and experience the difference it can make in your writing journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the maximum word count for the free version of QuillBot?

The free version of QuillBot has a limit of 125 words.

Does QuillBot maintain a record of past activities?

Yes, QuillBot does keep a history.

What is the return on investment (ROI) of Quillbot in terms of time and quality?

Quillbot is a beneficial investment in terms of time and quality, facilitating time-saving through rapid paraphrasing of content and improving writing.

What is the difference between QuillBot’s free and premium plans?

The free plan provides basic paraphrasing and grammar checking capabilities, while the premium plan encompasses advanced features such as plagiarism detection, citation creation, and priority support.

Can QuillBot paraphrasing be detected?

QuillBot paraphrasing can be detected by Turnitin and Copyscape, though not as accurately as Originality.AI. To ensure that your content is not flagged as plagiarism, use Originality.AI is the best option.

What is the difference between QuillBot and Wordtune paraphrasing tool?

QuillBot allows for more words to be paraphrased in a single run than Wordtune and can do entire texts at once. The summarizing tool of the paraphrasing tool.Ai is free with unlimited words, whereas QuillBot only offers 600 words to summarize for free, and the plagiarism checker is available for 1000 words with no limit of usage on the paraphrasing tool.Ai, while QuillBot does not offer plagiarism checking for free.

What does a paid plan with QuillBot cost?

QuillBot offers an annual plan that costs $99.95, equivalent to a monthly cost of approximately $8.33, or a semi-annual plan that costs $79.95. There is a 3-day money-back guarantee.

Is QuillBot worth it?

QuillBot Premium version is an excellent investment with its advanced features, increased character limit, and faster paraphrasing. It can be a great asset for any AI writing workflow, allowing you to quickly produce multiple pieces about the same topic, making it worth every penny.

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