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Jarvis Answers: Can Jarvis Write Song Lyrics?

How Jarvis AI (now Jasper AI) Can Level Up Your Lyric Writing: Use Artificial Intelligence to Write Lyrics for a Song

Think about this for a second: How many times have you been in the shower, singing your heart out to some song, and all of a sudden you have an amazing idea for a lyric?

How would it feel if there were an AI that writes song lyrics?

Well, now there is – here's how Jarvis AI can level up your lyric writing!

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What is Jarvis AI (now Jasper AI)

Jarvis AI is an artificial intelligence content generator that you can use to generate unique and engaging copy, including lyrics for any genre of music. So he's more than just a song writing AI.

How does Jarvis work?

Jarvis, which uses the GPT-3 Model from Open AI follows patterns. This means you can't just ask Jarvis to spit out a perfect song for you - you have to provide a little information first. Learn more about how Jarvis works in the Jarvis Bootcamp.

How to use Jarvis AI for song lyrics

How to use Jarvis AI for song lyrics

For example, if you wanted Jarvis - your AI song writer - to write a country song, you could pick a country song that you like the tempo and tone of, paste the lyrics into Jarvis and then use a Jarvis command like this:

>write a country song about my dog running away

Jarvis commands, available on the BossMode plan, let you direct the AI lyric maker with custom copy requests, rather than being boxed in by templates. Jarvis will follow the pattern of the example lyrics to write unique song lyrics just for you!

As mentioned above, you can use methods like this one to ask Jarvis to write songs in any genre of music.

Oh, and if you are wondering if AI sings your lyrics too - try Voicemod

How to write song lyrics with Jarvis

Watch Jarvis write a Love Song

To give Jarvis the best example to work with, in the video below I have used the #1 hit song Perfect, by Ed Sheeran.

Most hit songs in recent years have been produced by a committee. However, many popular songs prior to 2000 were created by just one songwriter.

See Jarvis in action - How to write song lyrics with AI

Perfect is the most recent #1 song to have been written by a solo writer (a human writer, Perfect does not contain artificial intelligence lyrics). How do I know? I Googled it 😉

After you've written your song with Jarvis AI, you can always adjust the patterns later so that it fits with other genres of music.

For example, if I wanted to write a hip-hop song about my dog running away, I could use a command like this:

>write a rap song about walking my dog

How can Artificial Intelligence improve my songwriting?

How can Artificial Intelligence improve my songwriting?

Using the Jarvis lyric generator is not for beginners. You need to know basic music structure and how to use language properly with your lyrics. But once you learn how to do this, you will have an unlimited supply of ideas with very little effort required.

For more information about how Jarvis AI works, click here.

Pros and cons of using Jarvis AI for writing lyrics

The Pros of using AI for songwriting:

  • You don't have to write a full song yourself.

  • It takes away the pressure of writing your own lyrics, so you can focus on melody and structure instead.

  • You can write lyrics for any genre of music.

  • You get more natural language variations than with other artificial intelligence systems.

The Cons of using AI for songwriting:

  • You need to know basic music structure and how to use language properly with your lyrics.

  • You can't just ask Jarvis to write a perfect song for you - first you have to provide some information to help Jarvis understand what kind of song you want it to be.

Once you overcome these obstacles, you will have an unlimited supply of ideas with little effort involved!

How does this compare to other AI songwriting tools?

Jarvis AI is the only tool that offers Boss Mode functionality.

This means Jarvis can write all types of copy - from Facebook ads, to blog posts, and yes, even lyrics - better than any other artificial intelligence product on the market.

There really isn't another tool like it!


What is Jarvis Boss Mode?

Jarvis Boss Mode is the top-tier plan available in Jarvis, which includes extra features such as improved character look back and Jarvis commands.

These enhance Jarvis' understanding of the context of the text you want to generate, allowing you to instruct him with customized instructions for your particular requirements.

Learn more about Jarvis Boss Mode with this 101 Training:

What else can Jarvis write for me?

Jarvis lyrics are fun, but it can also create blog posts, landing pages, Facebook ads and many other types of copy for you.

You can use the same method as described above to ask Jarvis to write anything from a science fiction novel to a love song!

How much does Jarvis cost?

Jarvis has two plans: Starter and Boss Mode. Plans start from $29. Discover all the available options here.

Each subscription plan has its own set of features, but the premium option (Boss Mode) is the most popular among new users.

There is no free plan, but you may test out writing lyrics with AI for 5 days with a 10,000-word free trial (credit card required).

  • Take song ideas and turn them into original lyrics.

  • You can write anything - blogs, social media posts, ads and much more with Jarvis

  • Create lyrics using artificial intelligence (AI)

  • Spend less time writing your song by letting this AI writer do the work.

  • Jarvis is a fantastic AI writer for producing one-of-a-kind material fast.

  • Try Jarvis free today and receive a Bonus 10,000 Free Credits.

How does this compare with other AI tools?

There really isn't another tool like Jarvis on the market, but other AI text generators include Simplified, Shortly AI, Writesonic, WriterZen, ClosersCopy, Outranking, Frase, Bertha

Who would benefit from this app most?

You can use Jarvis for any type of copy, not just song lyrics:

  • Anyone looking to increase the quality of their content and save time.

  • Marketers looking for an efficient way to generate content that is unique and targeted.

  • Social media managers looking for the fastest way to create content.

  • Entrepreneurs wanting to write copy that outranks their competition.

  • Any website owner who could use more high-quality, written content.

  • Publishers wanting to expand inventory without hiring new writers.

Does this system require a lot of technical skill?

No, you do not need any training or experience in AI to use this software.

If you're looking for a faster way to write lyrics, Jarvis AI may be the answer. This artificial intelligence writer can produce high-quality content quickly and efficiently with little effort on your part. You don't need any training or experience in AI to use this software - all you have to do is ask!

Stay tuned for more posts from our blog about how Jarvis can help you create better copy!

For more information on how Jarvis AI works, please contact us at or comment at the bottom of this post for more Jarvis Answers.

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