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Jarvis Answers: How to Use Bullet Points to Write E-Commerce Product Descriptions

You have an e-commerce product description that you want to turn into bullet points. How can Jarvis help?

Jarvis Answers: How to Use Bullet Points to Write E-Commerce Product Descriptions

This is an opportunity to turn features into benefits and use persuasive language to increase conversions.

Think of this like an elevator pitch - it has to be persuasive enough in 30 seconds or less.

That means focusing on the customer and what they want, not your product.

You can use bullet points to list features, but you will need to focus on how your product meets a real need for your customers.

You can use bullet points to highlight the benefits of your product.

  • Be clear and concise Use words that are easily understood by everyone

  • Don't try to be too clever - you are writing for customers, not other businesses or people in your industry

  • Be compelling enough to get them to take action

  • Use good grammar so it is easy to read

  • Set out your bullets in groups of 3-5 - this is the best way to make it easy enough to read and apply your product benefits

It's important that you convince the reader to buy!

Let me show you how to write compelling bullet points for your e-commerce product descriptions in an instant, with an AI called Jarvis (now Jasper)!

Introducing the Persuasive Bullet Points Template (Jarvis account required)

Check out the Facebook post I wrote for Teachable from this demo copy!

10 Reasons To Use AI For Copywriting Right Now

What are Jarvis Templates?

Available on all Jarvis Plans (Starter, Pro & Boss Mode), these 50+ pre-built templates help you create high-converting short form copy.

Jarvis templates are a quick and easy way to get the content you need for your exact business needs - let Jarvis do the heavy lifting!

Do you have a Jarvis question? Reach out to hello@blogsbyjarvis.com or let me know in the comments below. I answer Jarvis Questions every day in my Facebook Group Not hooked up with Jarvis yet? Grab a FREE TRIAL today!

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