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Stop The Scroll: How To Use Color For Your Image With Text Facebook Posts

When it comes to using colors on social media, there's a lot more to consider than just what looks good. Colors have the power to influence our emotions, and choosing the right color for a post background can be an effective way to convey a certain mood or message. In this blog post, we'll dive into the psychology of colors and provide guidance on what type of posts each color background should be used for Facebook image with text posts.

What are image with text posts on Facebook anyway?

You've probably seen them a million times in your feed already. Those short and sweet posts that display short text on a background color or pattern.

Like this one on a blue that is similar to the Facebook hex code #3b5998

What are post backgrounds on Facebook?

You can add a background to text posts made on your timeline, page or Facebook groups on both desktop and mobile versions of Facebook. They create visual interest.

By using a specific color or pattern as your background, you create an eye-catching post that stands out from all the other content on your news feed.

Using creative backgrounds is also great for adding brand personality, although the selection is limited and somewhat random - from poop emojis to cute cats!

Why do people use image with text posts on Facebook?

Image with text posts can be an effective way to communicate information, capture attention, and add visual interest to a user's Facebook feed.

Blocks of color are more attention-grabbing than plain text or images in posts. There is something about them that just makes you stop scrolling and read.

This enhanced form of communication can convey a message more effectively than words alone and, in some cases, aids accessibility.

This type of post is very often used as a lead magnet. They attract your attention with colour and use engaging copy to make you comment.

How do I add a background to my text post on Facebook?

Backgrounds allow you to customise text-only posts with various designs and colours on your profile, page or in groups.

  1. At the top of your Facebook Feed, click What's on your mind, [Name]?

  2. Click the colour icon with Aa displayed below your profile picture, then select a colour or background pattern for your text.

  3. To see more background options, click the four squares icon in the list.

  4. Write your post.

  5. Below your name, click to select your audience.

  6. Click Post.

The amount of text you can add is limited, with posts created on the Facebook mobile app offering a longer option.

If you check in somewhere, add a photo, video, gif or link to your post, the option to add a background will disappear.

Is it possible to change font color on Facebook posts?

Whilst it's not possible to change the font color in the Facebook app, you can indeed change the font style in posts made in Facebook groups. Note: This will not work on your timeline or page posts.

Select the text in your post you would like to format and choose from the menu (shown above) Make text bold or italicized Change it to an H1 or H2 heading Turn it into a quote, or a bulleted or numbered list.

A quick look at the meaning of colours

Business Blue

Blue in general, is associated with trust, dependability, and stability, making it a popular choice for businesses in the financial and tech industries - American Express, Visa, IBM, Dell, HP, etc., as well as healthcare and beauty brands such as Oral B and Nivea.

Blue is the clear winner among America's favorite colors. A survey of 1,974 Americans conducted by University of Maryland sociologist Philip Cohen and published on Live Science revealed that blue is the leading pick for both men and women; 42% of men chose it as their beloved hue over green, which came in second at 25%, while 29% of women opted for blue compared to 27% who preferred purple.

image credit:

If you're creating a Facebook post that's meant to be informative or educational, a blue background could be a good choice.

Premium Purple

Purple is often associated with luxury, creativity and spirituality. It can be used to convey a message of sophistication and exclusivity, making posts with a purple background suitable for upscale brands.

Purple is a clear favorite among women, with 27% choosing it over the other options in Live Science's survey. Even compared to blue - the most popular choice at 29% - purple was only 2% behind! Furthermore, 12% of men chose purple as their favorite shade. Orange fell far below expectations with an abysmal 3%. All this goes to show that when it comes to colors, people are passionate about purple!

image credit:

If you want to create an air of authority with your post, pick purple as your go-to background color.

Perky Pink

Pink is often seen as a feminine color, and it's associated with sweetness, innocence, and compassion. Its calming and soothing effects make it a great choice for posts meant to evoke feelings of comfort and security.

Pink enjoys greater popularity among women than men. According to YouGov only around 10-13% of the female population had it as their favorite color.

If your goal is to create a post that's friendly and approachable, using a pink background could be a good choice.

Going Green

Green is associated with energy brands such as BP, and health brands like Wholefoods, Tropicana and iHerb. It's also seen as a sign of luck and prosperity in many cultures, as well as being linked to growth, nature & freshness.

Green is the second most popular color in the United States, where of course, it is literally the color of money!

image credit:

It's believed that green promotes balance and harmony, so it could be a good color for posts promoting mindfulness or self-care. As green has such positive connotations, it's perfect for posts that want to convey optimism or environmental friendliness.

When selecting colors for your post backgrounds, it's important to consider the content of your message and the emotions you are trying to evoke.

Ten Tips to Consider When Choosing a Color for Your Facebook Image with Text Posts

Image with text posts can be an effective way to get your message across on social media, and the right color choice will only amplify its impact. Here are some tips you should consider when selecting a color for your post:

1. Understand how colors evoke emotions - Different colors have different meanings and they can evoke certain emotional responses from people. For example, blue is typically associated with trustworthiness and safety, whereas orange conveys excitement and energy.

2. Consider the context - Colors can be interpreted differently depending on the context in which they’re used. A bright yellow background might look fun and playful when used for a game, but it could also come across as bright and overwhelming when used for a news story.

3. Think about branding - If you’re using a post to promote your business, it’s important to consider how the color will affect your brand identity. Try to pick a color that is consistent with your brand identity and conveys the right message.

4. Mix and match - You don’t have to stick with one color background for all of your posts. Feel free to mix it up by using different colors for different types of posts – warm colors for more engaging content and cool tones for informative pieces, for example.

5. Don’t forget about contrast - Contrasting colors can make text much easier to read, so be sure to consider the impact of color contrast when making your selection.

6. Use muted colors for text heavy posts - Posts with a lot of text can be overwhelming, so choose subtle, muted colors that won’t fight for attention.

7. Understand the psychology of color - Different colors mean different things to people, so take some time to research the psychology behind each color before choosing one for your post.

8. Consider user preferences - Not all users respond positively to bright and vibrant colors, so think about the types of audiences you are targeting before selecting a background color.

9. Use complementary colors - Complementary colors (colors opposite each other on the color wheel) can create an eye-catching mix.

10. Test before you commit - Try out a few different options before making a final decision. There’s no harm in testing out multiple combinations to see which one works best for your post.

Using backgrounds on Facebook can be a great way to make your posts stand out and grab attention, but it’s important to consider the context of your post and the meaning behind each color when choosing one. Keep these tips in mind, and you will be sure to create an engaging post that resonates with your audience!