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Build and Expand Interesting Content with an AI Writer

"How can an AI Writer help me?" is a question that many bloggers and business owners are asking themselves these days. AI writing tools like Jasper (formerly Jarvis) make it possible for content creators to expand their writing capabilities with little effort.

In this article, we will explore how an AI content generator can help you expand and create high-quality content. Whether you are starting with just an H2 heading, or you already have a few sentences for your blog post - how can a curiously clever AI Writer called Jasper help you today? Note: This training refers to Jarvis. In January 2022 Jarvis AI rebranded to Jasper AI. It is the same product, from the same company - just under a new name.

Expand and create high quality content with Jarvis

I'll show you 5 examples of using Jarvis in different ways to expand existing content and how to take an idea to a few paragraphs. You'll see the output quality of the content generation and how easy it is to create and expand content with artificial intelligence.

You can test these techniques yourself right now with a free trial - sign up today!

AI article generator - Blogs by Jarvis

Unique and readable content generated by Artificial Intelligence

When you need to generate content for the articles for your website, Jarvis can help you save time and produce unique content. AI copywriters like Jarvis learn from existing text to write for different niches - who wouldn't want that?

Generating articles with a AI is also a great way to expand content about topics you might not be familiar with, giving you more writing ideas.

I've written this article showing how Jarvis-generated content could expand your blog posts and website pages.

How an AI Writer can help you build high-quality content.

It's not just that AI copywriters like Jarvis that can help you write the best content. AI copywriting tools are the perfect premade solution for many businesses looking to expand their written content capabilities and save money.

They can help you break into new niches without the need to hire a content marketing team. AI is also great for building your brand equity by expanding existing blog posts and articles, which will increase search engine rankings for specific keywords over time.

Generate articles and original content

If you are looking to create articles, expand or build quality content in an affordable way, AI technology is the way to go. It's also an excellent tool for scaling your content marketing efforts. If you find that you struggle to generate content fast enough to keep up with your competitors, then an AI copywriter could be just what your business needs.

An AI article is indistinguishable from a human-written article.

The best AI-generated content is so good that you can use it wherever quality content or unique articles are required: for your blog posts, landing pages, website copy, product descriptions, and more...

If this sounds like something that might work well for you, then head over here to learn how AI is changing the digital marketing and content creation landscape with a free trial of Jarvis, and you can try everything I'm going to show you for yourself!

An AI writer that can expand your blog post with minimal effort.

An AI Writer like Jarvis - the best AI writer in my opinion - can help you expand your existing website articles or blog posts to create unique, readable content that will please both visitors and search engines alike. It's the perfect solution for companies looking to save time while producing quality written work - a win-win situation!

What is AI writing?

AI writers range from simple AI text generators to article generators and content writers, with pretty much everything in between. They can help you write high-quality content for articles, landing pages, product descriptions for your online store, Instagram ads, Facebook ads - all types of marketing copy!

Is it automated article writing software?

It's not exactly automated article writing software - it needs human interaction to generate high-quality copy.

The quality of the AI-generated output is dependent on the volume and quality of data it has access to - so you need lots of relevant information for your specific niche to produce good results.

Why Artificial Intelligence is great for expanding existing blog posts and articles.

Jarvis works by learning from the words you feed him - with a machine learning algorithm - meaning he reads your article, understands what it's about, then takes that information to write something new.

Jarvis can create unique short form and long form content that is readable and helpful for your audience. This AI writer can expand existing articles to give you a set of unique short-form content (great for social media!), or take the information from a few paragraphs and create a new article with it.

Using AI technology for expanding written content isn't just great because AI copywriters like Jarvis learn from keywords - they also have no ego or emotions, so they will always write in a readable way that won't confuse your audience.

This AI text generator is fast - if you don't have time to expand your content, using AI technology is the perfect solution for generating more written material quickly and easily.

Jarvis - AI Copywriter at work:

Expanding an idea into a few paragraphs worth of easy-to-read AI-generated text.

Let me show you 5 ways I have discovered to expand content in a way that will help you generate text faster than ever, with my favorite writing assistant.

Expand Content in Jarvis - Content Improver

I'll start with the Jarvis templates and show you how to use the Content Improver template to rewrite or create content. The templates are available on all Jarvis plans. There are 50+ templates to produce high-quality content - many more than other tools I've tested.

In this example, I'll use the content from the Surfer Brief (in Jarvis SEO Mode). I'll select an H2 and paragraph that work within the context of my article and use Jarvis to expand/rewrite that content.

The first thing I do is add a keyword to the H2 (I didn't need Jarvis to help with that!). Then I break down the paragraph into shorter, more focused sentences.

I take the first sentence and swap to Power Mode in Jarvis to access the templates and then paste the sentence into the content field in the Content Improver template.

Once I add a tone of voice (optional), I select the number of outputs and hit the 'Generate AI Content' button to put Jarvis to work. It takes just a few seconds for Jarvis to produce several results for the expanded content, allowing me to select one or multiple results to combine to use in the copy.

Watch as I work through the text suggested by Surfer, and expand those sentences into several paragraphs of copy generated by AI!

Yes, it does need human interaction and a guiding hand. Just look at this as a chance to sprinkle your secret sauce throughout the copy!

Using the templates in Jarvis means you can generate unique copy for your article by expanding copy already available to you. So, even in just the lowest paid plan (Starter), content creation is faster and easier than doing it yourself.

Expand Content in Jarvis - Boss Mode

Jarvis Boss Mode is not just an article generator, writing all your marketing copy. It's the highest paid plan in Jarvis, giving you access to the best AI writer for all your needs.

In this example, I ask Jarvis to continue writing under an H2 heading in place in the article. I have already added a keyword to the H2, which further helps indicate to Jarvis the topic sub category I want to cover.

This is content that I have pulled from the Surfer Brief content generator again, so it is highly topical content that I should include in the article. Jarvis can 'see' the prior content - up to 3,000 characters - so he has the context of what you are writing, which helps him generate unique copy that is relevant.

In this instance, I'm not happy with the exact phrasing of the content taken from Surfer, so I use the rephrase function in Jarvis to rewrite it before I continue.

Once I am happy with the starting point for the copy, I simply hit the compose button, and Jarvis will use his extraordinary artificial intelligence to generate several more sentences that follow the flow of the copy.

You can hit compose multiple times, editing and directing the copy as you go, until this excellent AI content generator has written your entire article!

Expand Content in Jarvis - Boss Mode Commands

The third one I'll show you uses Jarvis a command (only available in Boss Mode) to expand 2 sentences into several paragraphs. I'll also include a little twist and ask Jarvis to use an analogy! If you are on the Starter Plan or Pro Plan, you'll need to upgrade to use Boss Mode commands.

You'll see Jarvis has a sense of humor and knows who Santa Claus is 🤣

A straightforward command can guide Jarvis to expand upon the content above the command line. As the Boss Mode plan has unlimited credits, you can run the command multiple times to get the best output or combined outputs for your article.

Expand Content in Jarvis - Boss Mode + Bridging Words

One of my favorite ways to encourage Jarvis to expand upon a topic is to use bridging words after a paragraph. This is how you let Jarvis know you'd like him to continue on the same topic.

Also known as transitional words and phrases, bridging words link words, phrases or sentences.

You could use any one of several types of bridging words to direct your article content.

  • Illustrate - For instance, in other words, thus.

  • Contrast - However, on the other hand, nevertheless.

  • Addition - Furthermore, similarly, therefore.

  • Time - Before, once, subsequently.

  • Emphasis - Of course, in truth, furthermore.

  • Details -In particular, to elaborate, specifically.

These are just a few of the thousands of words you can use to begin a sentence under existing copy to ask Javis to expand the topic in a certain way. Simply add the word and hit compose!

Expand Content in Jarvis - Boss Mode + H2 Heading

In this example, I start with just an H2 heading. Using keywords identified in Jarvis SEO Mode, I add one (human-written) sentence to show Jarvis the type of content I require. This helps guide the content generation and gives me the content output I need.

Then I simply hit compose, and Jarvis will expand upon the topic, with valuable content my readers will love!

The generated copy is SEO friendly - did you see the content score go up? - and faster than a human writer could ever generate content!

Are you impressed yet?

Write articles and blog posts at the click of a button

Article writers like Jarvis can help you expand blogs to generate unique, high-quality content, which is excellent for saving time and producing SEO-optimized articles with a few clicks of a button!

Think of Jarvis as an article writer who will help you increase your content output but still give you the unique content you would get from a human writer.

What people are saying about Jarvis

There is no better proof than social proof, and Jarvis has some great testimonials from previous users. The best place to read all the Jarvis reviews is on the Jarvis website, but here is a sample to show you how excited Jarvis users are! You can also read Jarvis reviews on G2 and Capterra.

The AI content generator for all your content writing needs

Using AI for content writing isn't just for blogs - AI writers are also great at creating landing pages content, product descriptions, and more.

Say goodbye to writer's block with automatic text generation

Try this article writer FREE for 5 days with a 10,000 word free trial (credit card required).

  • Take new ideas and turn them into original content.

  • Write articles, blog posts, product descriptions, and much more.

  • Use AI text generation to write content from scratch with a click of a button.

  • Spend less time writing your next article by letting this AI writer do the work.

  • Jarvis is a great AI writer for writing unique material quickly.

  • Try Jarvis free today!

Learn about the latest updates to the long-form document editor.

Time-saving and better than PLR content

Have you been rewriting PLR? Stop!

Why rewrite when you can generate unique, original content?

Don't be a facsimile, be a unicorn! Create articles in your own voice with artificial intelligence. Frankly, asking Jarvis to rewrite content is underutilizing the technology at your fingertips.

Instead, use the Boss Mode article generator and write fresh new content for your blog posts and more so you can focus on more significant projects in your business!

When you're ready to increase productivity at work or save time writing the next article, then it's time for you to start writing with AI. Try Jarvis free today!

Take your writing assistant where you go

Jarvis is a cloud-based AI content generator that you can use from anywhere. There's no software to download, so your writing assistant travels with you wherever you go.

Generate unique material on the fly with Jarvis!

An AI writer that keeps up with your growth

As your business grows, so should the content you're producing. Writing articles with AI helps you to keep up with your growing blog and social media presence! Generate new material in minutes, not hours. Read my Top 13 Tips to Write Great Copy

You get fresh, AI-generated content that's SEO-friendly.

Don't worry about writer's block again - let Jarvis take over your blog writing and keep up with your blog's content demands. Having AI writing at your fingertips is a great way to keep ahead of your competition.

If you're looking for a content writer who can quickly generate fresh, unique articles, then Jarvis is the perfect answer!

What other AI article generators are available?

There are AI article generators like Jarvis and many other AI content generation tools available. It's a great idea to check the best AI content generator for your business needs and see what will be most useful in helping you write faster better quality articles.

Other AI article generators & writing tools include:

Shortly AI, Writesonic, WriterZen, ClosersCopy, Outranking, Frase, Bertha Do you use one of these AI writing tools? Let me know in the comments.

Tips and tricks for writing with AI

Here are some of the things I learned while expanding my content with Jarvis. Maybe these tips will help you develop your own writing too!

  • Make sure you have a quality sample to start with.

  • An AI writer can be a great tool for expanding content, but don't rely on AI alone! Use AI to fill in gaps and expand your writing.

  • Don't forget that AI can write about anything; it doesn't have to be limited by what you know or care about. Expand your AI content by expanding your AI knowledge.

  • AI is getting more and more advances every, so keep an eye on these tools to see what new tricks and custom features they have up their sleeve!

It's no secret that content is king when it comes to building an audience and driving traffic to your website or blog. But creating engaging, original content can be time-consuming and expensive. That's where artificial intelligence copywriting comes in. AI writers can also do clever things like writing clickbait titles, song lyrics and image captions.

As a result, AI writers are becoming increasingly popular among content marketers and SEO specialists who want to create content that is both readable and keyword-rich. Best of all, they can do all of this at a fraction of the cost of hiring a human writer. So if you're looking to build and expand your content with minimal effort, artificial intelligence copywriting is the way to go.

I will be writing more about AI writers in the future - including tutorials and tips for using Jarvis to expand your content. Stay tuned!

Jarvis is a great AI writer for writing unique material quickly. Try Jarvis AI copywriter free today!

Use this link and get a Bonus of 10,000 Free Word Credits.

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Tess S
Tess S
Apr 22, 2022

Incredible resource! Thank you.


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Eddy Aruda
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Another awesome blog. You show newbies such as me how to use Jarvis in a way that is simple and succinct! Thank you!

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So glad you find them helpful Eddy 💗