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How to take the Jasper Bootcamp for AI Content Creators

What if you had the power to write excellent, high-quality content that was engaging and easy to read in minutes?

Just a few years ago, this would have been thought impossible. Writing an article or blog post could take hours or even days. However, with Jasper (formerly Jarvis) - the Artificial Intelligence copywriter - you can now do it quickly and easily. With Jarvis by your side, you can focus on writing engaging content and let the technology do the hard work.

What is the Jasper Bootcamp?

The Jasper Bootcamp is for you if you are a blogger, content creator, writer, or aspiring entrepreneur who wants to learn how to use Jasper, the Artificial Intelligence copywriter, to create content faster than ever and with less frustration. The Jasper Bootcamp is for you if you want to be able to compete in the world of content creators. Learn how to use the Jasper Copywriter to create content and get the edge - get started TODAY!

Top Tip: You may even want to turn it into a business and make money blogging for clients or businesses who need an article written fast!

The Jasper Bootcamp covers how to use Jasper from start to finish for writing content successfully. You'll

walk away from this course confidently using Jasper for yourself and feel confident in assisting others to do the same.

Who is the Jasper Bootcamp for?

Have you already tried using Jasper to assist your copywriting and were disappointed with your results?

The Jasper Bootcamp will help you understand how to use Jasper in a way that will work for you and help you achieve the best possible results.

New to Jasper?

This Bootcamp will also teach new Jasper users how to use this Artificial Intelligence copywriter for their content marketing and business copy. Words for wherever they need!

I believe everyone can write great content, including you! The Questions Every User Asks

Are you a blogger, entrepreneur, or content creator trying to create quality articles quickly? If so, you may find the Jasper Bootcamp beneficial.

With the Jasper Bootcamp, you get detailed and clear instructions on exactly what the features of Jasper are, and how to use them.

Blogs by Jarvis is the No.1 Jasper Resource online, helping users through our Blog, Facebook Group, and Paid Courses - Jasper Tuition, Blogs by Jarvis Recipe Club - and YouTube.

What does the Jasper Bootcamp cover?

Jasper is a powerful tool, and it can be overwhelming to learn something so new without direction. The Bootcamp breaks down everything from the app dashboard to how to talk to Jasper, step-by-step, so that you are comfortable with the process before moving on.

In the Bootcamp, you'll go through, step-by-step:

Getting Started with the Basics:

  • The Dashboard

  • Templates

  • Documents

  • AI Output History

  • Projects

How Jasper Thinks:

  • Learn what data Jasper has been trained on

  • Discover how Jasper decides what content to generate

  • Learn how to guide Jasper using patterns

  • Learn how to stop Jasper from repeating the input text or the copy he just generated

How to use Templates:

  • Templates example

  • Tone of Voice

  • Additional Options

How to use documents:

  • Create a new document

  • Writing content

  • What Jasper sees

  • Floating toolbar

  • Editor modes

  • Jasper commands

  • Voice dictation

  • Recipes

  • Keyboard shortcuts

Account management:

  • Team management

  • Translation

  • Plagiarism

  • Sensitive content filter

  • Additional help and training

Jasper is a powerful platform that you can use to create content of all kinds. If you feel like you've been struggling with it, this Bootcamp will help guide and teach you how to use the platform.

If you're anything like me, you're impatient and tend to drive in with new software and muddle your way through, thinking you can always find an answer if you get stuck. The problem with this mindset is that it is easy to miss many features and opportunities.

I have learned over the years that it's worth investing time in education to get the most benefit out of anything. Frustration comes when you don't understand how to use something properly, so you can quickly solve that by spending just a few hours going through this fantastic Jasper resource.

Once you have completed the Jasper Bootcamp, you'll have more confidence in using Jasper for all your content needs.

You'll learn how much fun it can be to use the much-neglected (now that we have Boss Mode) Templates to spark ideas, fill in the gaps, or create something truly unique. >>> Take the Jasper Bootcamp

Jasper has been changing rapidly - I'm not just talking about the rebrand from Jarvis to Jasper - and the team is constantly making app updates based on user feedback. If you have any suggestions for improving the Bootcamp, contact the team at with your comments.

Jasper Certification Program

Once you have completed the Jasper Bootcamp, the next step is to get Jasper Certified!

Jasper Certification is a new program to designate those who have proven their Jasper (AI Copywriting) skills. Once you complete the certification process, you will receive a badge and certificate to display your accomplishments online and offline.

To become Jasper Certified, you will have to have completed the Jasper Bootcamp to fully understand the platform and how it works. The certification process will then test your knowledge. Jasper Certification has been created with all writers in mind.

What are the Jasper Certification requirements?

To take the Jasper Certification test, you need to:

  • Go through the Jasper Bootcamp

  • Have generated over 20K words in Jasper personally

  • Have used all of the templates in the dashboard

  • Have written one unique Jasper Recipe from scratch

Both the Jasper Bootcamp and Jasper Certification are FREE to take and can be taken by anyone who currently has a Jasper account or is a Team Member / Seat on a Jasper account. Note: Certification requires a Boss Mode subscription. Starter Plan & Pro Plan users will need to upgrade to get certified.

Jasper FAQ

What are Jasper Templates?

The 50+ templates in Jasper are where you can create shorter, very focussed, high-converting copy. For example:

Headlines & Blog Post Titles

Facebook Posts, Instagram Captions & Tweets

Facebook & Google Ads

YouTube Scripts & Video Hooks

E-Commerce Product Descriptions

Email Subject Lines & Cold Email Copy

Bios - Personal & Business

Real Estate Listings

Press Releases

and so much more!

The templates are a place to generate copy and spark creativity for new business ideas and marketing campaigns.

Templates are available in all Jasper Plans - Starter (templates only), and in Boss Mode (everything included).

How much does Jasper cost?

Jasper Plans start from $29, and you can add team members to plans for free.

Who is using Jasper for Copywriting?

Rated 4.9/5 stars on Capterra, Trustpilot and G2, Jasper is being used by tens of thousands of bloggers, digital marketers, authors, and entrepreneurs, as well as big hitters such as Canva (they are actually in the same building!), Shopify, Airbnb, Google, Zillow, Verizon, The Home Depot, AT&T, Scotts Cheap Flights and even IBM!

How does Jasper work?

Jasper uses deep learning artificial intelligence technology, also known as machine learning, to understand your input and create a unique output.

What can I use Jasper for?

You can use Jasper for:

  • Writing unique, engaging content of all kinds

  • Generating ideas for business or blog posts

  • Brainstorming new content marketing campaigns and strategies.

  • Creating high-quality non-fiction, fiction, or poetry books – from scratch in days, not months! You can even publish these on Amazon if you choose to do so!

  • Producing high-converting copy for your social media, websites, blogs

  • Emails, video scripts, titles and outlines, Pinterest, Quora, Reddit & more!

Can I use Jasper for my business?

Yes, absolutely! Jasper has been proven to increase the length of time on-site and overall engagement for both business and personal content. Your account includes the ability to create content for commercial intent, making Jasper perfect for freelancers using platforms like Fiverr and Upwork.

What Languages is Jasper available in?

The platform is in English, but Jasper accepts input and creates output in 25+ languages thanks to integration with DeepL.

Is my data secure in Jasper?

All files created in your account are stored securely on servers with regular backups.

Can anyone else see the content I create in my account?

Your output is private. It only appears in the dashboard for you to review, edit and share. However, team members (seats) can see all the data in your account.

The Jasper support team may also access your account data for support purposes.

What are the minimum system requirements for Jasper?

The only requirement is an internet connection. You can use Jasper from your desktop computer, laptop, or mobile phone (Android or iOS). However, the mobile experience is limited, and I recommend using the full browser version on a desktop or laptop.

Can Jasper write song lyrics?

It's strange how often this question comes up, along with 'Can Jasper write a love note/apology note?" Yes, Jasper can write song lyrics.

Is there a Free Trial of Jasper?

Yes, you can sign up for a FREE Jasper account and use all of the platform's features without making a payment. A credit card is required for trial accounts to verify that you are a real person and prevent abuse. Your card will not be charged during your free trial.

When can I start using Jasper?

You can start today! Try Jasper for FREE or SIGN UP for a paid plan. Are there alternatives to Jasper?

Some popular alternatives to Jasper are Shortly AI - which has now been acquired by Conversion AI / Jasper) and Simplified.

Check out my review of these Jasper alternatives: Simplified vs. Shortly AI: How To Choose The Best AI Writing Partner.

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