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How to Optimize your LinkedIn Profile With Jasper AI

LinkedIn is the world's largest professional network. It allows you to find connections, jobs and business partners. It's a great platform for building your personal brand as well. You can use it to showcase your skills, knowledge and expertise on a global level.

Optimize your LinkedIn Profile

In this video, LinkedIn expert Nate Morse explains the anatomy of a LinkedIn profile and walks through how to use Jasper (formerly - your friendly AI copywriting assistant - to help you optimize your LinkedIn profile so that people find YOU when they search for someone with your skills or qualifications.

But before we start, let's take a quick look at what LinkedIn is, why people use it, and how you should optimize your profile on LinkedIn.

What is Linkedin?

A networking service that connects professionals with each other, LinkedIn is an American business and employment-oriented social platform that was launched in 2003. Founder Reid Hoffman saw potential in the idea of creating a network for professional relationships in 2002, but little did he know that it would change the future of business interactions so drastically!

Now the world's largest professional network, LinkedIn, boasts nearly 740 million members in more than 200 countries and territories around the globe.

LinkedIn helps keep you in touch with people who have the potential to help your career or business grow and is often utilized for recruiting or marketing purposes.

What is the purpose of LinkedIn?

The LinkedIn platform has 4 main areas of focus:

  • Hire - Connect to the world’s largest talent pool.

  • Market - Tap into the world's largest professional audience.

  • Sell - Take your social selling efforts to the next level with real-time sales intelligence.

  • Learn - Use LinkedIn to grow a skillset and build you talent.

The Importance of LinkedIn for your Business

LinkedIn is fantastic for networking and building your professional profile, as well as a great platform to find people who share the same interests. It's also handy when you're looking for connections or jobs in a specific industry and can certainly help you get ahead of the curve if you optimize your profile properly!

Is LinkedIn really necessary?

There are many skeptics of LinkedIn, but the truth is that it can be an invaluable tool for both you and your small business. You don't need to spend time on Facebook, Twitter or even Instagram if you know how to use LinkedIn properly!

Does not having a LinkedIn profile hurt you?

Not having a LinkedIn profile can hurt you in many ways. It looks bad to potential employers, it makes your business look less professional and up-to-date, and most importantly - if someone is looking for you on LinkedIn they won't be able to find you! By not having an account at all, there's no way of knowing who you are or what your business is about.

It's important to make sure that not only do you have an account, but it contains all the correct information and links relevant to your small business. There are a ton of resources for entrepreneurs at any level - so make sure to take advantage of them all.

Linkedin for Businesses

Companies and recruiters use LinkedIn to search for new talent because it allows them to search and filter through employees based on skillset when hiring new staff members. They can also post jobs to recruit new talent.

Successful businesses use Linkedin as a social media platform for their brand, and they grow their professional network by engaging with other LinkedIn members in discussions related to the company's industry or field of expertise. They may also promote products, services, news or events via sponsored updates. Check out the Company Bio on Linkedin

LinkedIn for Individuals

For individuals, LinkedIn is an online CV (curriculum vitae) and a way to make connections in various industries. People update profiles that contain information about them such as skills, work experience, education background, publications and achievements they may have had.

Since it's a professional social networking site, most people who use LinkedIn do so with the intention of finding a new job or connecting with potential employers and use it for networking with a goal of it leading to face-to-face meetings and interviews.

The goal is always to be proactive about sharing information, not just waiting for it to happen by accident - especially when LinkedIn connects millions of professionals from all over the world.

Do people still use LinkedIn?

You may have heard that it's a dying platform, but it's simply not true. In fact, many people don't know how to use LinkedIn for the best purposes - which leads them to using other less-effective social media platforms and websites.

Most of your clients and customers will be on there, so it makes sense to make sure that you're on there too. If you are making B2B connections, you might consider signing up for the Jasper Affiliate Program. Learn more about adding a passive revenue stream in Jasper Affiliate Program: The Inside Scoop from a #1 Affiliate Partner

So now we have established why LinkedIn is important, let's take a look at what Nate is saying in the video Optimize Your Linkedin Profile To Build Authority & Convert Sales

If you are short of time, you can skip the preamble and go right to around the 21 minute mark.

The Anatomy of a LinkedIn Profile

What are the elements of a LinkedIn profile, what message do they need to convey, and how can Jasper - the AI writer - help you with them?

To start with, you are going to need a Jasper Boss Mode Plan, or at least a Free Trial

Getting Setup with Jasper

Once you have registered for a trial plan, or signed up to a paid plan, in your dashboard you'll want to start a new project - call it LinkedIn profile - so you can keep all your work for this in one place.

Then hit Content > New Document > Long Form Editor

You are going to want to feed Jasper some basics here, but using the long-form editor here is really for convenience, so we can easily access all the templates in power mode.

In the content description, just pop something quick in there like 'this is going to be a linked in profile' and choose any title and opening paragraph. We're not going to use them, so you can discard them to get to a blank long-form editor.

Now you're all set to follow through and be ready with Jasper when we get to the relevant sections.

How to Optimize your LinkedIn Profile with an AI Copywriting Assistant

With your trusty AI copywriting assistant, Jasper, at your side, you'll be able to build a Linkedin Profile that makes it easy for you to be found in search results, and of course you will have a custom URL that you can share, which can also help with your job search.

Optimizing your LinkedIn profile will help you build your personal brand, network, and make connections with people in your industry. Having a profile page that looks professional and shows not only your current job, but your industry experience and expertise, means you'll be able to quickly make connections through the LinkedIn network and be found by recruiters more easily.

Recruiters use LinkedIn to search, so make sure you incorporate keywords relevant to your professional skills on your profile in each section of your profile.

Your LinkedIn Profile Photo

A good profile photo on LinkedIn helps establish your legitimacy and makes you more memorable because it captures the attention of other professionals. People with a profile photo on LinkedIn get many more views of their profile.

Your profile photo should be professional and high quality. It's probably a good idea to use a fairly neutral backdrop, as you may want to use this photo for multiple social media profiles. Make sure the profile picture is not blurred and that you are positioned well so that parts of you will not be cropped off in the circular format. You might think that your profile picture has to be formal, but these days, people do not expect you to wear business attire. It is preferable to show your unique personality and dress as you would normally.

Don't forget to smile!

There isn't much Jasper can do to help you with your profile picture 😉

Your LinkedIn Banner

Your banner should showcase authority and be branded, but should not be an advert. Finding the right balance here can be tricky, but the 'Perfect Headline' template can certainly help you ideate.

The text on your banner should talk about your value add, and convey the key points you want people to learn about you. Consider it attraction marketing - you want to appeal to your ideal avatar.

You might want to consider using an app like Canva to create your LinkedIn banner art, as they have templates set up for the correct dimensions.

Use Canva to create your LinkedIn banner art

The Headline of your LinkedIn Profile

Your headline is created when you set up your profile and add your position or job title - i.e. Founder - but you can update it with a slant that promotes either an area of expertise or showcases something about your personality and personal brand.

A headline should be compelling and grab the attention of your target audience. You're selling yourself, and your skills, so you want them to buy into what you have to offer. You really want to make it clickbait 😉 Your headline is one of the most important parts of your LinkedIn profile because it's also used as a preview on LinkedIn Pulse or Google search results when someone searches for information about you. Make sure to incorporate relevant keywords that relate to your professional experience.

This is a good spot to ask people if they want something that you will give them for free, such as a guide, download or free trial.

Think of it as your elevator pitch and write something that makes people want to engage with you, like Nates' - "𝗥𝗲𝗮𝗱𝘆 𝘁𝗼 𝗴𝗿𝗼𝘄 𝘆𝗼𝘂𝗿 𝗰𝗼𝗮𝗰𝗵𝗶𝗻𝗴/𝗰𝗼𝗻𝘀𝘂𝗹𝘁𝗶𝗻𝗴 𝗯𝘂𝘀𝗶𝗻𝗲𝘀𝘀? Message me “LinkedIn Leadership” to get my free training."

Jasper is a skilled Linkedin headline generator.

About Section of your LinkedIn profile

More than anything else, this section will help you express your purpose, motivation and skills to people and recruiters viewing your profile. Whilst LinkedIn officially say this should be limited to just a couple of paragraphs, you can go all out in this section with the help of Jasper.

For an optimized LinkedIn profile, this section should be written to include key elements: A hook, content and then an ask.

As explained by Nate at around the 32 minute mark in the video, people look at the about section to learn more about you, and this should be written in the 3rd person. Jasper will help you write this naturally, so it is very readable.

Let's look at each element individually...Nate does these in a slightly different order in the video, but for the sake of flow, we'll do them sequentially.

The Hook

The hook is that perfect headline that is short and punchy and sets the scene for what follows. It's what makes them want to read on and learn more. Try to use numbers here, as this helps to get people to read the next line!

Jasper will help you find the perfect words to create a great hook for your LinkedIn profile and the 'Perfect Headline' template is the best place come up with this. You can find it on the left hand side when you are in power mode, along with 40+ other amazing marketing templates.

The Content

For the content, head over to the 'Personal Bio' template.

In here just add the facts about your experience and hobbies. Jasper will do all the creative writing. He'll add a human touch - so no-one will know it's written by an AI - but it won't be too salesy, just creative and engaging.

FYI - It's not about Jasper writing you 100% perfect copy the first time. He can never know all the facts about you! But he will give you something that's a great template. Generate a few outputs and pull out the pieces that really speak to you and put them together. Think of yourself now as the Editor, not the Writer.

It's OK for this section to be wordy, as long as it's all relevant.

The Ask

To get the best content for your ask, the AIDA - Attention, Interest, Desire, Action - template is used. This is a proven marketing formula that will help you generate more leads.

You'll see in the video how Nate takes elements of multiple outputs to get to the final version.

FYI: These outputs will all be in the AI Outputs section on the left hand side under the content menu and are a goldmine of lead ideas to create lead magnets for your business later.

Remember Jasper can be used for more than a LinkedIn summary generator. The same principles apply to any content you want to write, from blog posts and social media updates to emails and landing pages.

AI Outputs section

So now you know a little more about optimizing your LinkedIn profile, you can find out some more expert info from Nate in the video about the changes LinkedIn are making to reduce spamming and limit connections so that they are more meaningful.

Before we wrap up, we've looked at some tips for editing the key elements of your profile, but is there anything else that will help optimize your Linkedin profile?

Optimizing your LinkedIn profile for a certain Job Title.

There are some industries where LinkedIn is essential for getting a job. These include sales, marketing and recruiting professions. With so many people using Linkedin in these fields, it's especially important that your profile stands out from the crowd to stand out as a candidate who will be worth hiring! Make sure to use the headline to highlight your specialties and skills with keywords.

Optimizing your LinkedIn profile with Job Descriptions.

Job descriptions are also important for LinkedIn. It makes it easier for recruiters to see what previous experience job seekers have. You can use the job description section of your profile to highlight your skills.

Optimizing your LinkedIn profile with Endorsements.

LinkedIn endorsements are also a great way to show off your skills and knowledge. You can use endorsements from former colleagues, bosses or customers as proof that you have the qualifications for the job. Make sure they're credible though!

Optimizing your LinkedIn profile with Personal Information.

While you should be sparing with what you share online and on social media about your personal life, there are some personal facts that can help your business profile. You should include any honorary titles or memberships in different associations - especially when they're related to the industry of work for which you're looking. Make sure this is information you are happy to share on your public profile.

Optimizing your LinkedIn profile with Career Highlights.

You can also include your past titles and highlights from different jobs on your profile. In addition to your resume, LinkedIn is a great place to showcase a summary of the experience you have that makes you qualified for positions in which you're interested.

In Conclusion:

LinkedIn is the world's largest professional network, where you can find new connections, a job, or build your personal brand. Optimize your profile for searchability in order to be seen by the right people.

Increase your visibility to a potential employer by promoting your skills and accomplishments with Jasper - your AI copywriting assistant - to help you optimize the text for your LinkedIn profile, so you get found when you have skills people are looking for.

Leverage the power of AI and robotic copywriting on social media and make better use of LinkedIn with Jasper to get ahead professionally!

Save time by using Jasper instead of doing all the work yourself, as it's quicker than traditional methods due to AI powered content creation.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post and training. Please do come back and ask if you need any help with getting set up with Jasper or accessing the various templates. I'd love to see your optimized LinkedIn profile when you've done it, so why not head over to the Facebook group and share your LinkedIn link with other Jasper fans

"Writing content with Jasper is not about expecting to push a button and get something 100% done from start to finish, it's about using AI to write copy and then you editing it."

Fun things to do with Jasper: Write Song Lyrics

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