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Best Clickbait Title Generator for YouTube Video Titles

Ready to break the internet with a viral video title?

In a world where videos compete for attention, you need to have an exciting and catchy title to get people to click on your video. But coming up with creative and attention-grabbing titles can be difficult.

The goal of creating clickbait video titles is to create enough curiosity to get someone intrigued enough to watch, and that's where a video title generator comes in...

Today, we are not just talking about the clickbait headlines that grab readers' attention, but we'll also take a look at choosing a video title generator (or headline generator) and how to use them to lead people down the garden path and ultimately into your marketing funnel - via your video.

Clickable headlines are important.

They're what grab people's attention and make them want to read or watch more. And in the world of online marketing, clickbait titles are king. But what exactly is a clickbait title?

Put simply, it's a title that's designed to entice people to click on a link - often by making promises that the content doesn't actually deliver on. Clickbait headline examples might say "You Won't Believe What This Dog Did!" when really, the dog just sat down and scratched itself. But that doesn't matter - the point is, the headline got you to click. And that's what matters.

Why do people worry about the title of their YouTube videos?

It's not just about getting people to watch your video. The video title is also essential for ranking in search results and helps get you noticed on Facebook Watch.

A good video title can help your youtube videos appear higher in the Google search results, which means more people will see it.

And of course, more views means:

  • more visits to your youtube channel

  • more subscribers

  • more watch hours for monetization

  • more customers for your offer

How the best YouTube video title can help you make money

There's a reason that top YouTubers make millions of dollars each year. And part of that reason is because they know how to write YouTube video titles that bring in views.

5-Minute Crafts is a perfect example of a channel that knows how to create attention-grabbing titles. Just take a look at some of their most popular youtube titles, such as:


With 76 million subscribers and 22.93 billion views to date (March 2022), it's easy to see how 5-Minute Crafts generates an estimated $50,000 a day from the ads on their YouTube channel.