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Jasper Affiliate Program: The Inside Scoop from a #1 Affiliate Partner

Are you looking for a way to make some extra money in 2022?

The Jasper Affiliate Program is the perfect way to make passive income by referring new customers and earning recurring commissions for life.

Jasper commissions are paying people's mortgages, building college funds, paying for vacations, and quite simply putting food on the table for some folk!*

How do I know?

Because for the last year, I have been building my brand around being a Jasper Affiliate Partner and claiming that top spot of #1 Jasper Affiliate 🎉

If you want to learn more about how you can boost your income, even if you don't have affiliate marketing program experience, read on...

I'm so excited to share my experience with you. I hope you take this opportunity seriously because, I can tell you, this is a fantastic opportunity to create a healthy work-life balance!

A good friend of mine, Dave Rogenmoser (CEO of Jasper), shared on social media last year:

"I don't know who needs to hear this, but all my marketing buddies selling courses, coaching, and running agencies should be getting into SaaS as fast as humanly possible. If you know, you know."

Let's start with... What is Jasper?

Get creative content that converts with the help of AI.

Jasper (formerly Jarvis) is your best buddy for marketing your brand or business. This clever, conversational AI writing assistant utilizes GPT3 artificial intelligence to revolutionize content creation and help you write marketing copy that converts - like this blog post 😉

Jasper learned from world-class SEO and Direct Response Marketing experts and can write high converting blog posts, engaging social media posts, landing pages, website copy, and so much more...

Loved by everyone from solopreneurs to Silicon Valley giants like Google themselves, Jasper speeds up content creation with tried and tested short-form templates, long-form copy, and Jasper recipes (SOPs/workflows).

What is the Jasper AI Affiliate Program?

Every Jasper customer can refer friends and family to earn word credits, but if you want to promote Jasper and earn commissions, you can apply to join the affiliate program to become a Jasper Partner.

Many Jasper users cover their own Jasper Boss Mode subscriptions by promoting Jasper. You'd be surprised how easy it is to share your unique referral link and earn enough not just to cover your subscription but to put money $$$ in the bank!

How much can you earn in this affiliate program?

Once you're in the affiliate program, you'll earn commissions on the new business you refer through your unique link.

The commission is a very generous 30% for the life of the customer's account, making this one of the best SaaS affiliate programs you can join.

Insider Tip: There are monthly incentives, and the top affiliates can earn bonus commissions for bringing in the most new business in a month.

Earnings are uncapped, so you don't feel like you're ever missing out on commissions.

I know you want to know how much in $$$ you'll actually earn, but results are going to depend on many factors like:

  • How much experience you have

  • Whether you already have followers or are starting from scratch

  • The time you are able to put into promoting

It would be easy for me to make some outrageous claim here, and I know many others would, but I like to manage expectations.

It's a great affiliate program. One of the most supportive and encouraging I've been associated with. The marketing team is super friendly and on hand to help guide you.

Put the work in, and you really could find this pays for your house 🏠 one day!*

Who should join the Jasper Affiliate Partner Program?

Jasper helps you with a new approach to developing and writing content, so promoting Jasper compliments your existing business or blog.

This is a great opportunity for:

  • Affiliate Marketers

  • Social Media Influencers

  • Podcasters

  • Entrepreneurs

  • Solo-preneurs

  • Small Businesses

  • Marketing Agencies

  • Social Media Marketers (SMM)

  • Content Creators

  • Bloggers

  • Writers

That sounds quite generic, so I'll give you some idea of who is promoting Jasper right now:

  • Molly is an online coach helping women gain confidence in front of the camera.

  • Sherryl has a travel blog and writes PLR.

  • Jeremiah promotes Jasper through courses, coaching, and free events.

  • Darby is an author and teaches how to write books with AI.

With over 5,000 Jasper Affiliate Partners in the affiliate program, there is a huge diversity in experience, audience size, and promotional methods.

Is the Jasper Partner Program right for you?

The most successful partners already have affiliate experience, but it's not a requirement to join the program.

If you have your own audience, for example, on social media, email list, blog, YouTube, TikTok, you'll be able to promote Jasper to them to drive signups and earn recurring commissions.

It's as simple as sharing your affiliate link. Whether you choose to add value is up to you.

How can you join the Jasper Affiliate Partner Program?

Signing up for the Jasper AI Affiliate Program is easy.

Simply head over to the partner page and complete the application form.

Make sure to complete as much information as you can, including all of your social profiles and links. This helps speed up the vetting process and keeps the Affiliate Marketing Manager happy - you want that 😉

Don't worry if you don't have a website or a blog yet; it's not required to be accepted.

The Affiliate Marketing Manager assesses each application, so be a little patient. You should expect to hear back within a couple of weeks.

It's as easy as 1,2,3...

  1. Sign up and grab your unique link

  2. Share your link with your friends, family, and followers

  3. Earn a 30% recurring commission on all your sales for life

Why would people buy Jasper from you?

Well, apart from the fact that they are buying into world-class marketing software, there are a few reasons why people would use your affiliate link.

  1. Free 10,000 Word Free Trial - this is not readily available on the Jasper AI website

  2. 10,000 Bonus credits when they use your link - not available when they sign up direct at

  3. Offer a bonus - offer your followers a unique bonus when they sign up via you. This could be as simple as a download, ebook, or cheat sheet. You could add value with a training or recipe. Existing affiliates work hard to ensure their bonuses are up to date and desirable.

A product you can promote without knowing anything about affiliate marketing!

I'm not saying you won't have to do some work, but Jasper does kind of sell itself once you send people to that 10,000 Word Free Trial!

Promoting Jasper AI Monthly Subscriptions

The most obvious way to promote Jasper is to get people to sign up to use this AI tool to create content. You don't need to worry about the technical aspects of how it works. Just show what it can do.

Help them write what they would write - but faster and better!

New and existing affiliates earn 30% of the monthly or annual payment for each and every payment the referred customer makes as recurring commissions.

Jasper Pricing

Jasper Starter Plan Subscription starts at $29/mo

30% Commission on $29 = $8.70

Jasper Boss Mode Subscription starts at $59/mo

30% Commission on $59 = $17.70

That's what you'll get EVERY. SINGLE. MONTH!

That's also assuming your customer only purchases the minimum level package.

With Boss Mode monthly subscriptions running as high as $279/mo, there is potential for those commission payments to be WAY HIGHER!

Promoting Jasper AI Monthly Subscriptions

Annual plans for Jasper offer the user a discount pricing of 12 months for the price of 10. This is the only discount for Jasper AI available. There are no Free Jasper Plans or Unlimited Jasper Plans.

Sure, this does mean that as an affiliate, you earn less commission from this customer, but you get all the commission for the year upfront!

Jasper Starter Plan Annual $288*

30% Commission on $288 = $86.40

Jasper Boss Mode Annual $588*

30% Commission on $59 = $176.40

See how easily it can start to add up?

Promoting the Jasper Mastermind

The Jasper Mastermind is a blogging course offered in collaboration with Adam Enfroy, and Jasper affiliates can promote this course to earn the same 30% commission on the annual or monthly payments.

30% Commission on $299 = $89.70

30% Commission on $2988 = $896.40 😮

This is one you'll want to be sure to mention in your marketing campaigns to earn the highest commissions.

Promoting other Jasper products and services

In 2022, Jasper will be launching a done-for-you copywriting service with monthly packages starting at $1999.

Promote this service, and paying customers will earn you $599.70/mo in commission on just the basic package. The earning potential here is sky-high!

How do you find resources and manage commissions?

There are a couple of places you'll want to hang out to get the most out of this affiliate channel:

Your affiliate dashboard in First Promoter

This is where you can monitor clicks, referrals, customers, and commission activity in your partner account.

Access swipe copy - and use Jasper AI to rewrite it (here's a recipe to help you!)

You'll also find custom links that drive focus to specific pages, such as the Free Trial, BossMode, Mastermind, Free SEO Course, and Free Website Copywriting Course - those courses are great lead magnets, by the way!

Affiliate assets such as logos, banners, and videos are also available in the affiliate dashboard.

The Partners Facebook Group

Hang out with the cool kids in this elite group to get all the top tips, connect with high earning affiliates and learn how they grow revenue, provide support, and spend their time off 😉

Find out first about monthly incentives promotional opportunities, and keep an eye on the affiliate leaderboard.

Do you need to have a Jasper AI account to join the affiliate program?

Honestly, no, you don't have to be a paying customer.

Realistically you could create a trial account, try the software for 5 days and create everything you need in order to write a review blog post. Many new affiliates take this approach.

But the best affiliates, the ones that make the leaderboard month after month, are out there walking the walk, talking the talk, showing how they use Jasper in their business every day.

Is Jasper easier to promote than other SaaS affiliate products?

Jasper is very easy to market and promote because:

1. It's a great fit for the audience of bloggers, marketers, and entrepreneurs who are looking to take their business to the next level. As we all know, content marketing plays a huge role in any business or blog's success.

2. The software makes writing different types of content a breeze, so you can write blog posts, web pages, video scripts, and whatever you would write to help you with your promotional efforts.

3. People are always looking to save time with tools that can help them write better content in less time. Jasper AI does just that!

What are some ways to promote Jasper?

Start a blog...

and feature Jasper in your posts, with links back to the free trial page. You can even add a banner to your website that links to the Free Trial page (hint: you'll find this under 'Assets' in the Affiliate Dashboard).

Get social...

and post about Jasper on your social media channels and use the hashtag #jasperai to get more people talking about it.

Create YouTube videos...

that get people excited about the software and show them how to use it, demonstrating how you can write different types of content with Jasper AI. You can use Jasper to help you write the scripts!

Host a webinar...

and talk about the challenges marketers face and why they should try Jasper right away!

Create an infographic...

that highlights the features of the software. I use Canva for my infographics.

Customer testimonials

You'll earn more commission spotlighting your Jasper customers. So keep track of them and ask for testimonials or case studies to use in your promotional material.

Guest blogging

Write a blog post about how Jasper has helped you write better content and increase your website traffic.

Email marketing

Send an email to your subscribers letting them know about the great things Jasper can do for their business.

Paid advertising

Run ads on social media or Google AdWords that promote Jasper and drive traffic to the free trial landing page.

What other affiliate programs could you promote as a Jasper Partner?

Promoting other programs can help you grow your earnings, and you'll find this also quickly benefits your customers as they would need these tools alongside Jasper.

When your customers activate SEO Mode in Jasper, they are going to need a Surfer SEO subscription. Sign them up first, to make sure you are earning the 25% commission!

A alternative, Simplified offers not just an AI writer, but design, video, and animation features. Earn 20% - 30% on every sale.

Groove is one of the most popular affiliate programs in SaaS as it is incredibly high-converting. Members earn 40% recurring income for life.

What else should I know before applying?

As an affiliate marketer, it's your responsibility to ensure that you comply with all federal laws and state laws. For example, some affiliates may need to collect sales tax or abide by minimum-age requirements or citizenship status.

It is your responsibility to declare your income from content marketing or affiliate marketing.

Jasper AI Affiliate Program FAQs

Can I use the affiliate program to get a discount on my subscription?

No. The affiliate program does not allow self-referrals, and these are monitored. Commissions won't be paid where you have signed up with your own link.

Can I use paid ads to promote Jasper?

Yes, paid ads are allowed as long as they comply with the program terms and conditions. These will be made available to you when you are accepted into the affiliate program.