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Effortlessly Boost Conversions on your Amazon Review Blog - Start Today!

If you are a product review blogger, don't miss this gem 💎 Learn how I, an affiliate blogger just like you, overcame poor conversion rates on my Amazon product review blog and skyrocketed sales by writing less words!

Boost Conversions on your Amazon Review Blog - Header

In this post, we'll explore the process of planning an Amazon product review blog post and what is involved with each step of the process.

We'll also look at how to ask the AI copywriter for the type of content you need for an Amazon review blog post, explore the templates within Jasper and show how you can use each of the marketing templates to enhance your copy to increase conversions on your Amazon affiliate review site!

Product Review Bloggers: Are you ready to earn more by writing less?

Note: When I wrote the first version of this e-book, back in May 2021, it was to support my Jasper Official Academy Training. I had created an 18 step training and I knew trying to cover it in an hour would be a challenge! Since then my training has been watched over 8,800 times (published on the Blogs by Jarvis and the Jasper Official Channels) and to date, 9274 free copies of the e-book have been downloaded 😮

In June 2021, soon after this training, Boss Mode was launched, and soon after went through a rebrand to Jarvis. Subsequently, they have rebranded again to

Frequent upgrades mean the Jasper platform may look a little different now, but everything you learn in this training can be applied in the Starter Plan using the templates, or in Boss Mode via the Blog Post Workflow when you start a new document.

See my updated training for writing product reviews with Boss Mode and Jasper Recipes (formerly Jarvis Recipes) and discover Jasper alternatives.

Write Reviews That Sell - Amazon Review Blog Posts in Minutes (And Without Getting Out Of Bed!)

BTW - it really works for ANY product reviews - I just know we have a lot of Amazon reviewers stop by here.

It can be hard to write a review if you can't touch or use the product yourself, which is why I created