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What's cookin' over at Jasper (formerly Jarvis) HQ? Jasper Recipes!

Not content with bringing us the most awesome AI copywriting tool ever - Team Jarvis are always looking for new ways to make writing copy even easier! Introducing... Jasper Recipes!

Are you a blogger who is always looking for ways to increase your blog output?

A digital marketer who wants to grow your marketing agency?

Perhaps you are a small business owner struggling to get new leads and sales?

Well, Jarvis has got you covered! With new Jarvis Recipes, you can write even more, high converting, quality content in less the time by harnessing the power of AI (Artificial Intelligence.)

Copy for your content marketing, advertising and even social media strategy. When I first saw the recipes feature, my mind opened up to the endless possibilities now we have these workflows for consistent content creation. Jarvis has proven, time and time again, that he can save me time, inspire my content creation process, and output quality copy under my guiding hand. I can't wait to show you how to use recipes to create truly remarkable copy. Recommended Read: 10 Reasons to Use AI for Copywriting Right Now If you haven't yet discovered the awesomeness of Jarvis, hop on over and check out this super powerful Artificial Intelligence Copywriter, who will change your life! There's a 5 Day Free Trial available, where you can try ALL the awesome features, including Boss Mode & Recipes. >>> Grab a 5 Day Free Trial of Jarvis and produce remarkable copy in just a few clicks! Let's take a look at the basics of Jarvis Recipes, with a Quick Start Guide and Top Tips on how to use them in Jarvis Boss Mode for the best content ever!

What are Jarvis recipes?

Recipes are workflows for Jarvis, the AI copywriting app, that contain a series of commands for creating content with a step-by-step process. They can be as simple as a one line command, or employ a series of steps to produce more complex copy.

What are Jarvis Recipes? Blogs by Jarvis
What are Jarvis Recipes?

Recipes were first released to the Jarvis community in late July 2021 and quickly created a huge demand for customized workflows for content creation.

Copywriters everywhere were clamoring for access to recipes and some of the first released to the community were written by Blogs By Jarvis and included 2 recipes that are featured in the Jarvis app Recipe dashboard. Rewrite / Expand Blog Posts (or other content) Product Review Blog Posts

Due to the huge demand for recipes from the Jarvis community, Blogs by Jarvis quickly launched the Blogs by Jarvis Recipe Club.

Using recipes means that you can follow a pre-set process to create consistent content time and time again, writing quality copy for blogs, websites, landing pages, social media, videos, emails, and any application of the written word for business or otherwise - like song lyrics!

They are a great time-saver!

You need Jarvis Boss Mode to run recipes. Boss Mode is the premium upgrade to Jarvis that gives you additional features such as running recipes. You can get Boss Mode by upgrading your Jarvis account.

Getting started with Jarvis recipes

Initially, you may need a little guidance to understand what recipes for Jarvis are, how they work and how they can help you.

Just like top chefs, you'll be able to take some basic ingredients, and with the help of Head Chef Jarvis, turn them into something remarkable - whilst adding your own secret sauce!

Here's the Blogs by Jarvis Quick Start Guide to Jarvis Recipes

Let's take a walk through recipes step-by-step

Managing recipes in your Jarvis dashboard

1. How to find Recipes

Recipes can be found within the Jarvis App and accessed from the recipes tab in the left-hand sidebar. You can also access the recipes section directly.

You will see all the recipes in your recipe dashboard, plus featured community recipes - including 2 by Blogs by Jarvis!

In the recipes section, you will also see a button to create new recipes in the top right-hand corner.

Top Tip - Just a note while we are on this screen - you can access the help system at any time via the purple question mark in the bottom right-hand corner. Here you'll find the Jarvis Official Resources for recipes.

You can also access recipes via direct links provided by the author, such as those available in the Blogs by Jarvis Recipe Club. These are recipes that have been written exclusively for Club Members and you won't see these in your recipe dashboard.

How to find recipes - Blogs by Jarvis
How to find recipes

2. How to select recipes

From the recipe dashboard you can select a recipe by clicking on it and it will open up to show you more.

If you have a recipe link, you'll skip the selection and go straight to the recipe.

3. What does a recipe include?

Jarvis recipes have a four main parts:

  • Title - the name of the recipe

  • Description - a little information to tell you what the recipe is and how it can be used

  • Content - the actual recipe

  • Video - an optional video (hosted on YouTube) with instructions on how to use

What does a recipe include?  - Blogs by Jarvis
What does a recipe include?

4. How to run recipes

To run a recipe, click the purple RUN button in the top right-hand corner and a copy will open in your Jarvis app.

Before you hit RUN though, remember to watch the attached instructional video.

Top Tip - Pop the video open in another window to watch while you work through the recipe.

How to run recipes - Blogs by Jarvis
How to run recipes

Recipe videos are hosted on YouTube, so you can easily access them at any time and you might want to subscribe to the channel too.

Once you have clicked the RUN button, the recipe will open up in the Jarvis app.

Top Tip - The recipe will open in the last project you were working in. If your document ends up the the wrong project, you can easily move the document.

To move your document, simply drag your cursor over it and a menu will pop up with options to MOVE or DELETE. You can select the project you want to move the document to from the dropdown menu under MOVE.

All Blogs by Jarvis recipes include the recipe description, instructions, and a link to the YouTube video in the opened document so you have everything you need right there, above the recipe itself.

Blogs by Jarvis Recipes
Blogs by Jarvis Recipes

5. Working with Jarvis recipes

Working with Jarvis recipes is very easy, as most of the work has been done for you. You simply need to follow the instructions, add details where required, and then run the commands. Let's show you how that works.

6. Renaming the recipe document

When your recipe first opens in Boss Mode, you'll see up in the top right-hand corner it's called: Copy of "Recipe Name."

Click on the document name to open the pop-up window where you can give your document a new name.

Top Tip - This Document name (title) is for your reference only. Jarvis does not see this and it does not affect the content outputs.

Renaming the recipe document  - Blogs by Jarvis
Renaming the recipe document
Renaming the recipe document - Blogs by Jarvis
Renaming the recipe document

7. What are recipe commands?

Jarvis recipes include a single or series of commands that are indicated with a > symbol.

Jarvis commands can be super simple, or more complex, depending on what you want to achieve. They can be up to 200 characters long.

Commands tell Jarvis what you want him to do, such as:

>Write some blog post titles about {topic}

>Write some FAQs about {blog post topic}

>Write ad copy about the {product}

>Write a video script hook for a video titled {video title}

What are recipe commands? - Blogs by Jarvis
What are recipe commands?

8. Using recipe commands

To run commands, place the cursor at the end of the command and then you can run Jarvis commands either of 2 ways:

Run the command


CTRL + ENTER (Windows)

Run the command and keep it in place (my preference)


CTRL + SHIFT + ENTER (Windows)

Once you have run the initial command, you can use the COMPOSE button or

CMD + J (Mac)

CTRL + J (Windows)

to have Jarvis continue with the output.

Using recipe commands - Blogs by Jarvis
Using recipe commands

9. Recipe variables

Some recipes come with variables, designated by curly brackets { }. These will show as highlighted in blue when you preview the recipe, and are where you insert the information specific to your content.

For example, the recipe in the video above has 3 variables:

Company Name: {COMPANY / PERSON}

Who is this offer for? {AUDIENCE}

What are you going to get with this offer? {PRODUCT / SERVICE}

When you see these in the commands, you will need to replace them with your own information, for example:

>Write a PAS for {AUDIENCE} who would benefit from {PRODUCT / SERVICE} from {COMPANY / PERSON}

Add your own information in the variable...

>Write a PAS for homeowners wanting streak free windows who would benefit from using a traditional pure water cleaning service from Pure Shine Window Cleaners

We'll go deeper into how to work with Jarvis recipes with some examples in another post.

Managing recipes in your dashboard

When you click on a a featured recipe or a recipe link, it will save a copy of that recipe in your dashboard for future use. It will be named Copy of "Recipe Name".

You might want to rename or delete, or share the recipe.

1. How to rename recipes

To rename the recipe so you can find it in your dashboard easily, click the EDIT button to the right of the RUN button and type a new name. This can be helpful if you create variations of the same recipe. .e.g. Landing Page Recipe - Sales Funnel.

How to rename recipes - Blogs by Jarvis
How to rename recipes

2. How to delete recipes

To delete recipes from your dashboard, open the recipe and look for the DELETE button in the bottom left-hand corner.

How to delete recipes - Blogs by Jarvis
How to delete recipes

3. How to share recipes

You'll see that you have options for sharing the recipes in your dashboard.

If you want to share a recipe, you can do this the sharing options below the recipe.

  • Private = Visible only to members of your account

  • Public link = Available to anyone with the shared link

Click the Public Link option to create a custom URL for your recipe. It will look something like this:

You can use a link shortener if you want to make your URL's easy to remember.

For example, Blogs by Jarvis Recipes are shared with links such as

If you share the link, the recipient needs a Jarvis Boss Mode account to open it. If they do not have an account they will be taken to a sign up page first.

How to share recipes - Blogs by Jarvis
How to share recipes

4. How to make new recipes

Click on the purple NEW RECIPE button in the top right hand corner of your dashboard to open up a new recipe template.

Add your to your recipe:

  • Title

  • Description / Instructions

  • Jarvis Command (recipe)

  • YouTube URL (optional)

Hit SAVE when you are done

How to make new recipes - Blogs by Jarvis
How to make new recipes

Explore how to write new recipes in this article (coming soon!)

Who is using Blogs by Jarvis recipes?

Members of the Jarvis Official Community are loving Blogs by Jarvis recipes! They are using them for everything from writing Facebook posts to writing and rewriting blogs.

Who is using Blogs by Jarvis recipes - Reviews
Who is using Blogs by Jarvis recipes?

Blogs by Jarvis are also working with a number of corporate clients, exploring the deployment of Blogs By Jarvis recipes in their marketing departments and for their sales force and agents. We are super excited about these developments and look forward to sharing them with you in the future. Blogs by Jarvis recipes are a way to leverage the power of Jarvis to make your life even easier. Whether you're writing blog posts for clients or doing Facebook Marketing, we've got you covered, plain and simple. Bloggers, writers, marketers and business owners alike love Blogs by Jarvis recipes. Blogs by Jarvis recipes let you take the time to create content for your clients or your business that is unique and tailored specifically for the audience. >>> Get Started with Blogs by Jarvis Recipes today!

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