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10 Tips For Effectively Curating Content [and Creating Curiosity]

The curators of galleries or museums choose the paintings, sculptures, and art pieces to be displayed together. The best curators understand the venue's mission, and they pick the artists they wish to showcase.

Curating can be very beneficial to content marketers as well.

Content curation in the marketing world allows you to present your audience with a continuous stream of fresh, relevant content without overwhelming them with a lot to sift through. Social media content curation is a great strategy to show off your company's personality and build relationships.

Successful content curators increase traffic and engagement by creating curiosity across multiple channels. Recommended Read: How to Plan & Write Awesome Content

In this article, we'll cover:

What is content curation?

Benefits of content curation for content marketers

How to get started with content curation

Tools for curating content

How to curate content without paying for tools

Types of content to curate

10 Tips for effective content curation

Social marketing strategy

What is content curation?

Content curation, which should not be confused with content creation, comes down to filtering and selecting the content that best suits your audience's interests and interests without reinventing the wheel.

This allows you to curate content from the best resources in the industry without having to spend hours creating your own content from scratch.

Think of it like a playlist - when you create a playlist on Spotify, you're curating songs you enjoy.

The same goes for content curation.

As a business, you don't have to be the only source of information for your audience. Instead, you can provide extra value to your audience by sharing content from other interesting and valuable sources.

Benefits of content curation for content marketers

Incorporating curated content into your content marketing strategy has many benefits.

It helps you become the go-to resource in your industry

By curating and sharing high-quality created content, you can position yourself as an authority figure and exhibit your industry expertise. This can help you attract new readers, followers, and even customers! It's perfectly fine to share the best stuff of other thought leaders; just be sure to add your own perspective, commentary, or analysis.