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  • Amanda

An Introduction to with Blogs by Jarvis

Do you need to write a blog, but don’t have the time?

In this video I’m going to show you an AI-powered content generation tool that helps marketers and bloggers create engaging, high-quality content in minutes.

An intelligent writing assistant who can generate blog posts for you at lightning speed so you can focus on what matters most – your business!

You know how important it is to stay up to date with your industry and keep your readers engaged with new content. That’s why you need this tool – to help make your life easier by giving you more time for other things like running your business or spending time with friends and family!

Sign up today for a 5 Day Free trial​ and I’ll add 10K FREE BONUS CREDITS 🥳 to your account when you sign up to a paid plan, so you can really give it a spin!

Hi, it's Amanda here from Blogs by Jarvis

I just wanted to check in with you today and make sure that you've seen this amazing new AI tool that can transform the way that you write your blogs and to give you the link to sign up fo a five day free trial.

Now just a heads up there's going to be an absolutely massive product launch tomorrow March 30 2021, so you might want to do this now so that you're in ahead of everybody else.

Just so you know I am an Affiliate Partner for so I do get a little something when you sign up with my link but I can also give you 10,000 bonus credits.

So I get a little something, you get a little something and we're all happy!

If you haven't already signed up for your free trial and then let's go in and have a look at what's in the tool for you….

So basically this is a tool to ,as it says, ‘supercharge your copywriting’, so it will help you write copy that answers the questions that your audience are asking right now, in a way that's google friendly.

As you can see this covers everything from product descriptions, to creative stories - for you fiction fans out there - but it will also help you come up with blog topic ideas, outline your blog posts, write the intro paragraph for your blog all the way through to persuasive bullet points that you can use at the end of your blog post for the takeaways.

It also has templates here for Facebook, so that’s for Facebook ad headlines, ad text, Google ad headlines and descriptions, Amazon product descriptions - these are also good

for ebay - instagram posts.

There's some fun stuff in here like the ridiculous marketing ideas and then there's everything here the You-tubers out there need.

You can do things like respond to reviews - sometimes that can be a really tricky one -

knowing how to respond especially if the review isn't particularly favourable.

So you know, give it a spin! This even digs into the SEO homepage titles, meta descriptions, that kind of thing. Depending on the platform you use for your blogging you can overwrite the settings for those.

I know Wix have just launched a new product feature which allows you to overwrite the

defaults on those so this has been really good for me for my Wix websites.

There are even real estate listings here - so I have a buddy who's a real estate agent here in the UK and when I showed him this he was just absolutely blown away.

So give it a spin and once you've joined our community we have a facebook group over here, Blogs by Jarvis - I’m running that - and you can pop in your links in there and basically you can just share what you've been doing.

Here's give you an idea of what I’ve been doing with the tool…

Here's a deep dive into the health benefits of turmeric and basically, apart from the affiliate links and the images obviously, this is the type of content that I’m creating.

This post it's quite a long one and probably took me about 45 minutes to flesh out and then another 30 minutes for me to add personal comments in there and stitch it

together. A little bit of fact checking and then it takes me about an hour to add my images and affiliate links, get it published and looking the way that I want it to As you can see it's kind of an endless post!

So anyway hop on over get your free trial or sign up today and get 10K BONUS CREDITS.

Look forward to seeing

you soon!

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