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Copywriting Templates for Effective Marketing with

Part 2: Marketing Frameworks

Copywriting templates can be powerful tools to help you succeed in marketing your business, and the marketing frameworks in Jasper are no exception.

Copywriting is an art that requires the ability to capture someone's attention and get them to do what you want - whether it is clicking on an advertisement or buying your product.

Although there are many successful copywriters, some people struggle with coming up with the right words when they need them most. This blog post will look at how AI (Artificial Intelligence) assisted copywriting can help you write your marketing or advertising copy faster than a human can, and specifically how to work within the Jasper templates

AI Copywriting takes into account factors such as sentiment, emotional tone and readability index when generating content. This works for whatever content you need, whether that's for social media - Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter - FB or Google Ads, website copy, marketing emails, newsletters, print advertising, a blog post or article, anywhere that words are read!

Write remarkable marketing copy with Jarvis

The powerful copywriting templates within Jasper are designed to increase conversions through persuasive language to connect to your audience and specifically targeted keywords detected by algorithms in order to rank higher in search engine results pages (SERPs) when using for website content.

It may sound like complex science, but all you need to know is there is a way to have your copy written by an AI copywriter to free up your time for more research, to spend time learning, to work on other projects, or even to grow your professional network. All those things that still take your precious time.

What is Artificial Intelligence Copywriting

The definition of AI copywriting is the use of Artificial Intelligence to write content - it's as simple as that! AI Copywriting is not just a buzzword - it’s really happening.

The team at Jasper (formerly Jarvis) have been able to identify what makes copy work, and today we'll take a look at Jarvis's marketing frameworks for copywriting - AIDA, PAS, Feature-to-Benefit and Before-after-Bridge - and show you how these resources can help generate high converting copy for any campaign with Artificial Intelligence!

The Jarvis AI Team

To get started using these templates you'll need to log into your Jasper account and you'll find them in the Dashboard.

Not signed up yet? No worries, why not hop onto a FREE TRIAL so that you can follow though the tutorial and and see how it works for yourself?

Once you are in the Dashboard, you can select ALL templates, or choose from template groups. Here we'll select FRAMEWORKS.

You can use the Jasper templates as a starting point for writing your own content, or take any of the outputs - or a combination of several outputs - to create a unique and personalized message that speaks to your audience.

Let's start with the first on the list, the AIDA Framework.

The AIDA Framework for Copywriting

AIDA Framework for Copywriting

The AIDA framework is a formula that has been used by copywriters to convince audiences since 1887 and is still the basis for successful marketing copywriting, even with AI!

The first step in this process, of course, is getting someone's attention through your opening line or headline - otherwise they'll skip over anything else you have to say.

Attention - Get people to pay attention and say "hey what's this?"

Interest - Build interest so they want to know more.

Desire - Feed desire for whatever it is you're selling with your sales text. Give them a taste of how good their life will be if they purchase your product or service.

Action - Finally, get them to take action by clicking on the link or purchasing your product. Discover how to use AIDA to Optimize your LinkedIn Profile

Get attention with your marketing copy

The first step is to get their attention and build interest in what you are offering them. The goal of the AIDA framework copywriting template is create convincing copy to give people a reason why they should read more, want it bad enough that they will click through to learn more about it, and then take action after reading your sales text.

An effective way to do this with Copywriting templates within Jasper would be using headlines such as: "How To Make $100 In Your Pajamas"

Next, to increase conversions, use emotional triggers like scarcity "Only 100 Spots Left!" or urgency - such as a deadline - anything guaranteed to make someone stop scrolling down Facebook long enough for you to get their attention.

Include social proof like testimonials and reviews if they are available, or anything that validates your offer's credibility.

You can also use an upsell - a secondary offer related to the initial sale - for more income! A good example would be a free eBook with purchase of any other product in order to entice them into buying something else at the same time as this first item, increasing sales numbers on both items.

And finally, make sure to include a call-to-action - whether it's "Buy Now" or "Sign Up For Our Newsletter", and use strong words like FREE!, RISK-FREE! These are more likely to cause the reader to click on your offer.

An AIDA Template example

Company/Product Name - Pajama Entrepreneurs

Product description - A program to show you how you can make money from home in your pajamas.

Tone of voice - Animated

I like choosing animated for tone of voice, but you can really choose just about anything, including celebrities!

I chose to generate 3 outputs here, but you can get up to 10 at a time.

Can you see how all the titles are attention grabbers?

Do you want to make money from home?

You want to make money from home, but you don't know how to do it.

Do you want to make money from home in your pajamas?

I like this one...

Attention: Have you ever wanted to make money from home?

The title asks a question that I know many people will respond to, because the search term "How can I make money from home" returns 3,480,000,000 results on Google!

I would mention that I too was looking for an opportunity where I could work from home and make money, and guess what, I found it! - That's what you're going to tell people when they ask you about your business!

Interest: Well, now you can! Pajama Entrepreneurs is a program that will show you how to start your own business. You'll learn the skills and knowledge necessary to be successful in this new economy. And best of all, it's all done from the comfort of your PJs!

Interest is captured when you tell them that you have the answer to their question, and when you use emotional triggers to get them to take action.

Desire: This course will teach you everything about starting a business - from marketing strategies to creating an online presence. Plus, we’ll help you find products for your store or blog so that it’s easy for people to buy what they need. It doesn't matter if you're just getting started or have been running a business for years – there's something here for everyone!

Desire is created when you tell them how they can make money from home and be their own boss.

Action: Sign up today and get access to our free content library with videos on how-to topics like SEO, social media marketing, email marketing and more!

Action is the final step, so ask for it by telling people to sign up today!

Let's look at another one of the outputs here:

Attention: Do you want to make money from home?

Interest: You can do it in your PJs! Pajama Entrepreneurs is a program that shows you how to start and grow a business from the comfort of your own living room. We’ll show you how to create an online store, build a brand, and get customers without ever leaving the house.

Desire: It's never been easier or more fun than this! Join us for our free webinar today at 2pm EST. There are only 10 seats available so sign up now before they're gone!

Action: Click here to register for our webinar today at 2pm EST. There are only 10 spots left so don't wait too long before signing up!!

You can see how easy this template makes it easy to create high converting marketing copy in less time, with less stress, with an AI copywriting assistant.

Could a human copywriter write this? Sure! With years of experience, honing their skills and process, of course they could. But the point is: why take the long slow road, when there is a faster way.

The PAS Framework for Problem-Agitate-Solution Marketing

PAS FRAMEWORK for Problem-Agitate-Solution Marketing

Next let's take a look at the Problem-Agitate-Solution template for developing new marketing ideas.

The Problem-Agitate-Solution framework helps to develop new marketing ideas by highlighting the problem, agitating it so a reader feels their pain and then solving it in order to entice them into buying something else or start using your product/service.

The Problem-Agitate-Solution framework is a classic copywriting technique that will engage your readers because it focuses on human responses for the highest converting results from your copy.

It can be used in many different ways:

  • To create awareness of your company's offerings with the goal of generating new business.

  • When new product on the market that is not solving a customer's pain point effectively and you need a new angle.

  • For an existing marketing campaign looking for fresh ideas or improvements.

  • When you need to create content for your social media, emails or website.

A good example of this in action is the famous, now legendary "Axe Effect" ad.

It starts by highlighting a problem that every man faces: there are simply not enough women in their life and some guys use Axe to solve this. It then agitates them by showing how other men have failed with women before (and you could too) while using Axe and finally tells them they can fix everything with just one shot of Axe so it's worth giving it a try."

The PAS Copywriting Template in Action

As an example of how this copywriting template is used, imagine we were trying to sell mattresses on our website called SleepSolutions.

Company/Product Name - SleepSolutions Mattress

Product description - Like no other mattress, Breathable sleep surface, Open cell construction, Unique patented spring comfort layer, Individual zone support, Range of sizes

Tone of voice - Animated

You might be thinking "which tones of voice has the AI been programmed for?" The answer is that it can understand most anything you can throw at it. There is no pre-defined list so you can try anything you want.

Let's look at one of the outputs here, I chose the top one for ease.

Problem: Being comfortable while you sleep is essential to a good night’s rest.

Agitate: However, most mattresses are not designed for comfort and support. They are made of materials that trap heat and cause the sleeper to toss and turn throughout the night.

Solution: A SleepSolutions Mattress uses an innovative open cell design that allows air flow through its unique foam material, keeping your body cool so you can sleep comfortably all night long. Our patented spring comfort layer cradles each individual zone of your body to provide proper alignment and support as you sleep, eliminating pressure points from traditional mattress designs. We offer a range of sizes in our three different models so no matter what type of sleeping surface works best for you we have something that will fit your needs perfectly!

The PAS framework is really powerful because there are so many ways to use it effectively for your website or marketing material and it's great for making a list of benefits to help the reader know they're getting real value.

The FEATURE-TO-BENEFIT Marketing for Compelling Action

FEATURE-TO-BENEFIT Marketing for Compelling Action

This templates does exactly what is says on the tin: Turns your product features into benefits that compel action, which is particularly useful for introducing your product or service to potential customers and educating them on the benefits of what you offer. It's perfect if you want to get straight into the meaty stuff without bogging people down with all the details first!

You'll typically get a list of bullet points from this template, and these can be a starting point for any piece of marketing copy.

I wanted to show a more difficult example with this one, so here I have chosen a service - one quite like mine - so you can see the versatility.

Product description - Connect entrepreneurs with the technology and tools to help their business succeed

Tone of voice - informative

The outputs contain two types of benefits - Standard Benefits and Emotional Benefits:

In our example...

Standard benefits:

- Get started with a free trial.

- Save money on expensive software and services.

- Get the latest technology and tools to help your business succeed.

Emotional benefits:

- Grow your business without breaking the bank.

- Use technology to make your life easier

- Grow your business with a tech partner who understands you.

Standard Benefits and Emotional Benefits in copywriting

Benefits are what make people buy your product or service, so it's important to focus on them in copywriting. Copywriters use two types of benefits - Standard Benefits and Emotional Benefits.

Standard Benefits have a logical quality: they describe the features that will be useful for a customer when deciding whether or not to purchase something e.g., “our product is made from durable materials and will last for years”.

If we just use Standard Benefits in our copywriting, it can appear like a list of features that are only used by utilitarian people who focus on what they need rather than what they want.

Emotional Benefits are more personal, highlighting the feelings that a customer can have if they buy your product or service e.g., “our product is so comfortable to wear all day, and you’ll be the envy of your friends”.

Emotional Benefits make it clear that we are speaking to people who care about their feelings, not just a list of features. Copywriting with Emotional Benefits in mind will engage the reader and convince them to take action on our offer.

You can take these outputs to a number of other templates to expand the concept, and we'll explore these templates more later, but just as a taster of things to come:


Write summary points for a listicle article or how-to blog post.

Feature-to-Benefit Output to Blog Post Outline


Brainstorm blog post topics that will interest the reader while also performing well in the SERPs.

Feature-to-Benefit Output to Blog Post Topic Ideas


Countless ways to expand on the original copy, turning one sentence into a paragraph.

Feature-to-Benefit Output to Sentence Expander

The last of the Marketing Frameworks is the Before-After-Bridge template.

Writing with the BEFORE-AFTER-BRIDGE Marketing Framework

BEFORE-AFTER-BRIDGE Marketing Framework

Write marketing copy using the BAB framework (Before-After-Bridge) to connect with the reader and keep them engaged. This marketing framework is used to make a sale and convince the prospect they should take action on your offer.

Before: Arouse curiosity about what you have to offer by highlighting the problem or frustration that exists before the customer came across it. Get them excited for things to come, but don't give away too much information just yet! Promote the benefits of your product or service to make them feel heard and cared for.

After: Follow up on the promises you made in the "before" section by describing what they will gain from taking action now, such as relief from their problem(s) or frustration. Describe how it's going to be awesome! Give an exact idea of what's waiting for them on the other side of your offer (your product or service).

Bridge: Use a bridge to connect your "before" and "after" sections. This is typically an action word, such as "Join now!" or "Buy Now!"

In this example, I used Blogs by Jarvis, with the idea of our Facebook Group in mind.

Company/Product Name - Blogs by Jarvis

Content description - Connecting with like-minded people is important when it comes to growing your blog. With our group, there's no need to feel alone in this process anymore because we, and Jarvis, have got your back!

I love these outputs - they are exactly what I would have wanted to write myself, the language is natural and empathetic, and you would never know these were not written by a human.

Before: You're tired of feeling alone in your blogging journey. You've tried connecting with other bloggers, but it never works for you!

After: Imagine having a group of like-minded people to connect with and grow your blog together. We'll provide the tools and support you need to succeed as a blogger. And we'll help you meet other bloggers that are just like you!

Bridge: Blogs by Jarvis is an online community where fellow bloggers can come together to share their experiences, learn new things, and work towards achieving their goals. Join us today!

Just FYI: there is a character limit to the outputs, so you do need to assume the role of an editor and take all the elements that you feel will connect with your readers and combine them into the final copy.

Is AI Copywriting better than Human Copywriting?

By now you'll be getting more familiar with Jasper - your AI copywriter - and discovering how he can help you not just with the basics, but to really connect with your audience, no matter what form your copy takes.

So if you are wondering, is AI copywriting better than human writing, I'd say yes.

AI copywriters are not only cheaper and more efficient - they're also higher quality. The nuances we might miss in a piece of content are easily picked up by Jasper's algorithms which will help you connect with your audience on an emotional level.

The best thing about AI Copywriting is that it's always evolving. So as you learn more about your audience and grow in skill, so does Jasper. Over time, you'll also learn how to use your inputs to get optimized outputs and elevate your own skills now as an editor too!

What do you think?

Is this the future of Copywriting?


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