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How To Save Time & Create Facebook Posts That Convert with AI

Facebook is a great place to advertise your business, but it can be hard to come up with new ideas every day. You've probably already downloaded a social media content planner, but struggle to come up with the right words. It takes up so much time, time that you could be spending doing the things you love...

Keeping up with the latest trends on social media is a challenge for anyone, and when you are busy, running your business, the stress of thinking about it can be overwhelming. But what if there was a way to make your day much easier?

I'll show you how you this smart, conversational AI copywriting assistant - Jasper - can help on your quest for effective Facebook posts by generating high converting text that will boost your business presence on Facebook and help you avoid the overwhelm - in just minutes!

First things first, you're going to need to head on over and sign up for a 5 Day Free Trial - Plenty of time to take Jasper for a spin & see what it can do for you!

Before we get started, let's just take a quick look at the 3 different types of Facebook Posts and the benefits of each.

Understanding the 3 Types Facebook Post

There are 3 distinct types of Facebook Post, and you may not have even been aware of, or noticed the difference.

1. Short Form Facebook Posts - these are typically 1 - 2 liners, maybe with links to articles or videos.

2. Mid Form Facebook Posts - these tend to have around 3 short paragraphs or a list of bullet points.

3. Long Form Facebook Posts - these typically have several short, 2 or 3 sentence paragraphs of content or more.

Which do you think converts the best? Bearing in mind how busy people are and how easy it is to scroll on?

It might surprise you to learn that longer form posts actually convert best on Facebook!

A long-form post is more likely to have the time and space for your story, product information or idea to be fully explained in detail - which means it's also going reach a lot of people who are relevant potential customers with an interest about what you do..

How do you make a long form post that converts? By utilizing the AIDA principles to make the post appealing and stimulating.

Hold on, what is AIDA?

It's the oldest marketing framework in the world!

  • Attention

  • Interest

  • Desire

  • Action

Attention - Facebook users are busy people and they scroll fast! So you need a headline for your post that grabs their attention. Be hilarious! Make a big promise! Ask a question.

Interest - Why should they care? What's in it for them?! Tell them what you're about to say, why it matters and then back up your claims with numbers or data points so they know that this isn't just fluff! This is the hook for their interest in reading more of YOUR post instead than scrolling on by because there are too many other posts vying for attention.

Desire - Paint a picture of the future. let them know how your product or service will make their life easier, healthier or more enjoyable. Show them what they’ll be missing if don't take that next step and buy your product!

Desire is the hot coals on which interest gets stoked into action so you can use it to nudge people towards wanting whatever you're posting about.

Action - A clear call to action lets them know what they need to do next.

The call-to action is what's going make your post go from a warm lead into an outright sale! If you're not asking them for something then they'll likely continue scrolling on by or - worse yet, click off the page because it seems like nothing of interest will happen if don't take that leap.

As I have learned, from a very wise mentor along the way, what you want to do is...

"Show them how to get the thing that they want, without the thing that they hate, in a short amount of time, that's been done by people like them."

Let's look at some examples.

I'm going to use a window cleaner as an example here, because boy, that's got to be hard to advertise, right? I mean, I'm not sure how many people really want to be reminded of the dirt that gathers on their windows.

Creating The Perfect Headline.

For starters, we need to create that headline that's going to stop them scrolling, so we are going to start with the Facebook Ad Headline Template. You'll find that right here in your Template Dashboard - wait - you did get the Free Trial, right?

I'm going to use Pure Shine Window Cleaners as the company, and for the product description

"Old fashioned window cleaning service for the best results. No fancy equipment, just elbow grease and love. Weekly and monthly cleans. We also clean gutters, fascias, cladding and garage doors."

I'm going to choose animated for tone of voice, because I want to sound excited about the service. You can see that at the bottom of the screen I have the outputs set to 6, so this will give me 6 different headline ideas at a time, but you can toggle that between 1 and 10 outputs. Hit Generate AI Content and you will see the results pop up on the right hand side.

Just browse through the headlines until you see something that you like. I tend to choose the ones that are a little quirky or would make me stop and look. Like this one - You are a Princess, and we are your Noble Cleaners 😊 For this example I actually chose - [Window Cleaning] We want to make you happy - because it stands out more.

So, now that we have our perfect headline, it’s time to head over to the AIDA Template, back in the template dashboard.

Creating Copy That Converts.

The AIDA framework is going to do all the heavy lifting for us here, so we are just going to put in the same info as before in the company name and product description - you can just copy and paste it across - and then choose the number of outputs and hit the button to generate the content again. It’s so, so simple.

You can see here that we have some great outputs just in the first 3, but we can carry on until we find one that really resonates, or pick out the words we like from all 3. See how easy it is? In just a few minutes we are generating text for your Facebook post, and let’s be honest, this would probably have taken quite a bit of time to come up with on your own, right?

Choosing Your Format.

If you want to stick to a short or mid form post, then you probably have enough already. Throw in a few emojis and a quick image from Canva or Photovibrance, and there you go! Probably 15 minutes work altogether - from start to finish. It will look something like this.

Can you see how the wording fits before the See more... It's enticing enough to get that all important click to expand the text. If you were using this creative as an ad, this short form version would be enough, along with a BOOK NOW CTA (call to action) button.

But as we are exploring posts rather than ads, let's see what the expanded text looks like for a mid-form post. Can you see how I just pulled that from the outputs in the AIDA template?

I still think this is a bit plain, so lets go all-in on the emoji's and create something really fun!

BTW, a top tip here is try to be a bit quirky with your image. Anyone can post a photo of someone cleaning windows. That's so boring! Something like this simple image will stand out from all those highly polished images - that took hours and ££ to create - and be enough to grab attention.

If you want to carry on to the long form post, then you can either create more AIDA outputs and piece together a longer post, or head on over to the PAS Framework template in the dashboard.

PAS = Problem - Agitate - Solution. Identify a problem that is affecting your customers.

Agitate them with the right message by focusing on your customer's pain points.

Offer a solution to their problems.

Here we are going to generate some additional text that we can slot into the post to expand more on what your customers problems are, why those problems need solving, and how you are going to help your customers solve them. I have used the same company name, of course, and in the Product description, I have taken the text that we have already used in the short / mid form post. - You’ve been meaning to clean those windows for months now

- It’s time to get that fresh, new look for your home!

- We use a traditional window cleaning method with no fancy equipment or chemicals.

- Just elbow grease and love

- Our service is perfect for weekly and monthly cleans as well as one-time jobs like gutters, fascias, cladding and garage doors. I have chosen animated for tone of voice again - you can really experiment here and even add celebrity names if you particularly like the way someone phrases things. I've seen some really comical results, but let's stick to the basics for now.

One we have added in some of these gems, and opted for a different headline - why not! - our post is looking like this...

If you want to go a little further - see how easy it is to just build on the foundation - head over to the Facebook Ad Primary Text Template and here you can just copy and paste the same company name and product description, but to show you how to get a little more in the output, I’ve added a couple of lines that I like from the headlines we created earlier.

So now my product description is - Get a sparkle in your week. Cleaner Windows just got easier. Old fashioned window cleaning service for the best results. No fancy equipment, just elbow grease and love. Weekly and monthly cleans. We also clean gutters, fascias, cladding and garage doors.

I absolutely love these outputs! Get a sparkle in your week for the headline! Let’s do that one.

Now we’ll just edit the post text a little and add some of this to the beginning to build out that longer form post. I did change the image too, as I like to tie in with the headline, but again, in Canva that just takes a moment as you can edit the previous one. This is what it looks like.

We now have several post variations and I think that whole thing took about 25 minutes in total.

What next?

Save Time With Recycling.

In your content area, you’ll see that you have a copy of all the AI outputs you generated - which will stay there until you delete them (see my Mulch Pile Video), and until you change the setup in each template, all those parameters and outputs will stay there too. Just browse through and pick a different headline, make a new image and boom! You have another eye catching post!

Once you’ve done a few posts, you’ll get into the groove and find inspiration in the outputs that you can add to the parameters, like I did by adding “Get a sparkle in your week. Cleaner Windows just got easier.“ to the product description. The better your input, the better the output you will get from the AI. It’s a learning curve, and he’s a guy, so you know, tell him exactly what you need!

So how can Jasper help you?

• No more wasting time trying to come up with new, unique, and eye-catching content ideas.

• Let Jarvis generate the content for Facebook posts with proven high conversion rates.

• Keep up with posting to Facebook without stressing out about it.

• Get more posts created in minutes than you've done in months.

Are you ready to try him for yourself? If you didn't do it already, go and get your 5 Day Free Trial - it's literally free to use for 5 whole days (10,000 word limit). You have nothing to lose!

Honestly though, once you play with this yourself, it's addictive, and easy to see how you can not only save so much time, but that aggravation and stress of trying to come up with fresh ideas constantly.

Believe me, I do understand that stress as I used to manage Social Media accounts for 20+ clients in my Digital Marketing days. I would lay awake at night trying to come up with new ideas. It would go around and around in my head in the shower, as I did laundry, every waking moment was spent trying to find the right words. If only I had met Jasper 5 years ago!

My friend is a business mentor and her initial reaction was "I am SO buying this!". She didn't even complete her 5 Day Free Trial before she signed up for the $29/mo plan. Her message to me was

"WOW! I will sign up because my copywriter costing me so much and I do most of the work anyway".

I want to see what you create with Jasper. Please do message me via the chat button (bottom right of the screen) and give a link to your post, so I can take a look myself, or visit my Facebook page Blogs by Jarvis and message me the link there. Now go, have fun and create some high converting Facebook posts for your business!

Amanda Weston Founder & coffee lovin' Keto gal who is crazy about AI Join me on Facebook for more hot content tips.

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Tyanne Johnson
Tyanne Johnson
May 09, 2021

Super thought out post! I have never heard of this service before but I am going to look into it now!

May 09, 2021
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Thanks for reading Tyanne! You can grab a free trial here:

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