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High-Converting Opt-In Pages: Writing Landing Page Copy with Jasper AI

You want to improve customer experience, and you know that focusing on producing high-quality content and design for your landing pages is the future of content marketing, so your landing page, or opt-in page - an essential element of your sales funnels - should be crafted with care and attention! Following proven copywriting formulas that have worked for a long time will certainly work in your favor when writing landing page copy - or you could get a little help from an Artificial Intelligence Copywriter.

In this article, we'll take a look at some top tips for writing landing page copy that converts, and I'll let you in on a secret - Jasper Boss Mode takes the stress out of writing copy for your landing pages and opt-in pages. Using Jasper recipes, such as the Blogs by Jarvis Opt-In Page recipe, makes it even easier!

Hang on - what is Jasper? He's an AI Copywriting assistant who used to be called Jarvis - it's a long story! - and he can help you craft visually persuasive, interest-grabbing copy in minutes. I'm going to show you how Jasper can help you eliminate the tedium involved in writing high converting landing page and opt-in page copy. But wait, did you know you can write song lyrics with AI? Watch me do it!

Landing page copywriting

You know that you need to have a good landing page for your offer, but it's hard to figure out the best way to write copy.

The problem with most marketers is that they don't understand how to write compelling landing page copy. Unfortunately, they can end up wasting time and money on ineffective campaigns.

Blogs by Jarvis - Landing Page Copywriting
Blogs by Jarvis - Landing Page Copywriting

The problem could be that they don't have a clear strategy for converting visitors into leads or customers. It could be that their landing page copy is not persuasive enough and doesn't present the value proposition in an appealing way that will get people's attention.

They might be missing essential landing page elements that are the key to converting page visitors to potential customers or didn't identify exactly what pain points their offer solves.

Blogs by Jarvis - What's missing from your landing page copy?
Blogs by Jarvis - What's missing from your landing page copy?

There are many reasons landing page conversion rates may be disappointing, so that's why we're going to take a quick look at how to write high-converting landing page copy.

I'll even show you how to do it with Jasper if you prefer a quick and easy route to that high-converting copy!

With a 5 Day Free Trial you can experience all of the features of Jarvis and try the Recipes - risk free!

Before you start writing landing page copy

Before you even begin writing or thinking about your landing page design, the first step is to have clarity on exactly what the expected outcome of your campaign is.

Your landing page has one job:

If you're promoting a product, you want to drive visitors to your page to purchase the product.

If you're promoting an offer for new leads or customers, you must have clarity on your offer and how people will benefit from taking up your offer. Recommended Read: 7 Easy To Follow B2B Copywriting Strategies To Use Today

Opt-in page vs. landing page - which one should you use?

What's the difference between them, and why does it matter?

Choosing the proper format will help you convert more visitors.

An opt-in page is where you are asking for an email address and other contact details and usually funnelling into a mailing list.

A landing page is the next step in your sales funnel; it's where you actually promote your product or service. It will route visitors to the next step.

Opt-in page copy vs. landing page copywriting

Keep in mind that many visitors won't read every word of your landing page, so make sure it's easy to scan or skim.

An opt-in page with a lot of text can be overwhelming and off-putting for visitors, so make sure yours is visually appealing.

Don't make your opt-in page too long; try to keep it under two short paragraphs of text because if you go over this, visitors will probably lose interest before they even get a chance to read what you have to offer.

When implementing an opt-in page into your campaign as part of list building or for encouraging conversions, it is essential that the information on your page should be clear and concise. It's no secret that you will lose potential subscribers if you don't provide the information that your users are looking for.

A landing page might use long-form copy. It's an effective technique if you have a lot of important information for your potential customers and want to ensure that they get the whole picture. Try to use sub-headings and bullet points so that visitors can quickly scan the page.

Whether you are writing copy for your landing page or an opt-in page, ensure it contains all the components needed to build an effective marketing campaign. If you implement them correctly, it can be a powerful way of getting leads and sales fast!

Not all landing pages are created equally, and not all of them convert well!

Great landing page copy can increase your conversion rate by up to 300%.

Recommended Read: 21 Best Subject Line Styles For Emails

Top Tips for writing high converting landing page copy

Here is a list of tips you should consider when you write landing page or opt-in page copy for your landing page.

Your landing page design should be easy to navigate

The more attractive your opt-in page, the better chance it has of enticing traffic and increasing subscriptions.

You should keep your opt-in page simple in design with only the necessary information needed to acquire a user's email address.

If you give the visitors too much information when they arrive at your initial landing page, they will either get overwhelmed or not want to invest their time reading it all.

As tempting as it is to provide reasons why people should subscribe to your email list, it's best to keep this information minimal.

Information Overload Can Cause People to Leave!

Your landing page copy should be concise

If you want to influence people into subscribing, you need to provide them with a reason why they should do so.

There are two main reasons why someone would opt-in to your email list:

  • To receive value - a free download, bonus, training, etc.

  • To learn more about your products and services.

Your opt-in page should be enticing enough to tell people what they will receive in return for providing their email addresses. If you can manage this, then the rest is pretty much easy sailing.

Keep your landing page design simple

Your opt-in page should be simple, easy to understand and appeal to the eye so that people want to engage with it and give away their email addresses just for the chance to get your offer. This is why creating compelling landing page copy is very important; you need people to click through because if you don't, they'll never get the chance to hear about your offer, and that means no sales.

You will have just a few seconds to grab their attention, so think of it as an elevator pitch. In a short time, you have to get your target audience interested enough in your offer so that they'll take the next step.

There is no specific formula for calculating word count or page length, but ensure your landing page copy has a cohesive story that conveys one idea and covers all the critical elements of your offer, and identifies the value proposition in the body copy.

Sound complicated? Let Jasper do it for you!

Your landing page should inform target customers

If the purpose of your landing page or opt-in page is to generate more leads, you should be giving them a heads-up as to what they can expect if they provide their email address.

When including this kind of information, make sure it is brief and to the point. Use short sentences and bullet points for emphasis.

The whole point is to get the message across to your target customer and achieve the desired outcome.

Your landing page should include relevant information

If your website or blog has several pages, you need to pay attention and make sure that your opt-in or landing page copy is relevant to the content of your website. Landing pages that have entirely irrelevant information will most likely not convert, or worse still, it will leave a wrong impression on potential subscribers and even drive them away from opting in.

It's tempting to write for search engines rather than target customers. However, this rarely leads marketers to their desired outcomes.

Top Tip: Have a few of your existing customers read through new landing pages before launching them. They are the most product-aware / solution-aware audience and can help you ensure that your landing page copy does precisely what you want it to.

Your landing page should have a strong call-to-action

A call-to-action is an essential component of landing pages and one that helps to increase conversion rates. Without one, your opt-in page may not be as effective.

The most common CTA is "click here" or "sign up now," which gives a positive message that you expect the visitor to engage with your landing page and make use of it.

Things to consider when writing your own landing page

Blogs by Jarvis - Things to consider when writing your own landing page
Blogs by Jarvis - Things to consider when writing your own landing page

Use the same words as your customers

The best copy often comes from direct conversations with the customer because they can articulate exactly how the product will benefit him. You can find examples of words that people like to read on online forums or in forums, blog posts, and on social media. Ultimately it allows you to be more specific - effective.

It will help you make your message match your customers' needs, to build a more successful landing page.

Blogs by Jarvis - Things to consider when writing your own landing page
Blogs by Jarvis - Things to consider when writing your own landing page

Communicate with your target audience

If you want to create successful landing pages, you must know who your target audience is. Ask yourself some of the following questions:

  • What are their interests?

  • What kinds of products do they like to buy, or how would they describe themselves?

  • How old are they?

  • Where do they live?

  • What is their income level?

  • What are their hobbies/interests?

  • What pages of my site do they visit the most?

  • Which products have they already purchased?

  • What are their pain points?

Blogs by Jarvis - Communicate with your target audience
Blogs by Jarvis - Communicate with your target audience

Create a persona that represents your target customer. You can use the information you have gathered to define who your potential customers are so that when you build copy for your landing page, it matches the personality of this customer. This is called 'customer copy' and will certainly help boost your conversion rates.

Make sure that everything on your opt-in is relevant to them and their interests.

Blogs by Jarvis - Customer Copy
Blogs by Jarvis - Customer Copy

Provide social proof on your landing page

To encourage conversion on your landing page, you could include reviews or customer testimonials as social proof. Social proof is a powerful tool for increasing conversion rates.

Jasper does a great job with links to Capterra, Trustpilot, and G2, reviews and customer testimonials included in the website copy, and examples - blogs by Jarvis and books by Jarvis - of content produced by real customers using Jarvis for their copywriting.

Other examples of social proof are polls, blog comments, kudos on your Facebook page, etc.

This social proof increases customer trust in your offer.

Highlight a problem and its solution on your landing page

This is precisely the way how you sell your ideal customers on your product. You need to convince them that only your product or service can address their pain point (solve their problem) and that it's far better than any other product or service they can buy.

This makes it easier for them to take action.

Blogs by Jarvis - Highlight a problem with your landing page copy
Blogs by Jarvis - Highlight a problem with your landing page copy

Emphasize the benefits, not the features

A good tip for writing landing page content is to write about features as benefits.

For example:

The best artificial intelligence writing software on the market


It saves you time and money

It is easy to use

It system produces good quality content automatically, etc.

Lead with a benefit and tell customers how your product can help them solve their problems, not just what it does. If possible, add some of the features, but don't make it all about them. Try to focus on how they benefit from your product or service - not what it does.

Blogs by Jarvis - Emphasize benefits with your landing page copy
Blogs by Jarvis - Emphasize benefits with your landing page copy

The rule of one: One Big Idea

High-converting landing pages tell a consistent story. A Big Idea is what links everything on your landing page. It is one big idea presented in a visually compelling way with vivid language that speaks directly to your target audience.

Your One Big Idea can be a statistic, a quote, an infographic or video, a testimonial, a story – anything that illustrates the problem and how your product or service solves it.

Blogs by Jarvis - One Big Idea
Blogs by Jarvis - One Big Idea

Find your value proposition

The purpose of the value proposition is to explain what benefit your product offers. It should be presented in a sentence and use exciting words that keep the reader reading - how is it different, why would someone choose this over that?

It's a secret weapon you can rely on.

And the best part? Anyone can use it.

It will work for you and your business, no matter what your product or service is.

Blogs by Jarvis - Value proposition
Blogs by Jarvis - Value proposition

Use credibility boosters

To gain customers' trust online on your landing page, you can use credibility boosters like trust symbols, seals, badges, or logos of reputable companies you've been working with.

Testimonials and case studies

You should include at least 1-2 testimonials on your landing page if possible - these are the best way to show customers how much they'll benefit from your product.

Make sure to include an image of a person, name, and quote from them.

Don't just paste their quote - use your own words to describe how they benefited from using the product or service.

Blogs by Jarvis - Testimonials
Blogs by Jarvis - Testimonials

Never be afraid to go long-form

Long-form copy is a hot topic at the moment. While it's true that short-form content tends to be more shared on social media, long-form landing page content is effective - it can increase the conversion rate by up to 53%.

Long-form content is easier to digest and gives time for your reader to process what they are reading.

Perhaps that's why it leads to more conversions - people actually read it!

How long should my landing page be?

Well, this depends on the goal of your landing page. But, there is no wrong time to use long-form content. Short-form copy will work just as well for any sales funnel stages like lead generation, upsells, and even down-sells, even if you use long-form copy in the first place.

So, don't be afraid to write out long paragraphs with multiple points on why people should buy from you.

Use numbers and get specific

A number conveys information faster than text and helps bring your product or service to life instantly.

Don't just use any old statistics - find statistics that point out what makes your product better than competitors.

Use specific numbers - one of the best ways to do this is to show how many people or businesses use your product.

Using numbers on a conversion page can be really powerful if you find the correct statistics, so make sure you have researched them before writing your landing page content.

How do I make a great landing page that converts?

A landing page shouldn't overwhelm visitors and drive them elsewhere. The purpose is to steer them through a path to the desired outcome. If you can do that, conversions will follow.

You have to research your target audience, learn what interests them, and write content that speaks to their needs.

The customers you're converting: they are searching for something on Google. So you need to be able to answer these questions quickly:

  • What is the problem?

  • How does my offer solve it?

Target your keywords

Use the landing page keywords you've found with keyword research. You should include them both on the page title and in headline copy.

Think of it as a newspaper article - headlines are made to tell you what is inside, so do the title and headline of your landing pages.

Include benefits for customers; they are the ultimate goal, so you have to convince them your product is best. Make visitors want to try your service by being extremely specific.

Don't let them get distracted

You should include only one call-to-action on a landing page, the most important one. If you need to ask for multiple actions, then create separate pages.

Don't add in distractions like pop-ups, banners, or unrelated links.

If you're going to use video on the landing page - make sure it's informative and adds value.

Choose fonts wisely

Your landing page should be easy to read, so use a legible font. And stick with one font for the whole page body text - it will make your copy look cohesive and professional.

Designing your opt-in or landing pages

Opt-in pages are a highly effective way of gaining subscribers and thus an excellent tool for increasing your audience reach.

An opt-in page contains several important elements that all contribute to the success of your project, product, or service: headline, visual elements (image or video), offer, and call to action.

This article explains each of these important landing page elements so you can write your own landing pages more effectively!

Write attention-grabbing headlines

Let's take a look at the first thing that visitors see when they arrive at your landing page: the headline.

A strong, compelling headline is crucial to making your landing page work; write an attention-grabbing headline that's consistent with the rest of the copy. It needs to compel them with solid facts or benefits.

Your copy must be clear and to the point because visitors are probably skimming. In other words, people have a short attention span on the internet; they want fast results that help them solve problems or get what they need without too much effort - your copy needs to provide this value proposition. So be succinct.

The most important part of your opt-in page is the headline because it compels visitors to either stay on your landing page and learn more about what you have to offer, how it helps with their pain point, or click through to the next page where they can continue their journey.

How to write successful landing page headlines

Writing headlines can be challenging! You want something clever but not gimmicky. That makes your landing page stand out without making people feel like they're being tricked into signing up for something they don't want.

The best way to write a compelling headline is to know who you are targeting and what would motivate them to do you want them to do next. i.e., give you their email and click through to the offer.

You can write headlines quickly with Jasper Boss Mode, using structured commands to create copy that really speaks to your audience.

In this example, I'm building an opt-in landing page for the Jasper Bootcamp and Certification. I have used the Blogs by Jarvis Simple Opt-In Page Recipe, and in just a few clicks, I have an eye-catching headline.

Watch me - well, Jasper - do it!

Headline = "The ONLY way to create content like a Pro using AI."

How does this define the main benefit of the Jasper Bootcamp?

Well, the headline provides instant credibility because of my reference to AI. I have also created a nice little eye-catcher at the end, which lures readers to click through to find out why it is so essential to learn content creation with AI to master content marketing.

The second part of this headline focuses on another key benefit: "The ONLY way to create content like a Pro using AI."

It includes the wording "the only way" which will make people consider that there is no other way to learn how to do this. It is a compelling reason to enter an email address and click through to learn more.

Now that the headline is now complete let's move on!

The image

Next up is the image. This is an essential component of your opt-in page because it provides the visual element for people who want something appealing to look at when they land on your landing page. It also helps to give a clear call to action that will further motivate them to click through to learn more about the offer.

An image is not essential but can make a big difference to the success of your opt-in page.

In this case, I can use the Jasper Certification Certificate and Badge, which hit that 'fear or missing out' button again. It is aspirational. It is also an excellent way to show credibility with the Jasper (formerly Jarvis) brand name.

For you, it could be an image of your team or a client testimonial - anything that represents what you do well.

The purpose of an opt-in page is to get people's email addresses so you can promote offers that are relevant to your subscribers and move them through the sales funnel. Having an image that resonates with the audience and inspires trust can be key to the success of your page. I use Canva, Simplified, Photovibrance and Glorify for most of my images.

The offer

The offer is what you are giving people in exchange for their email addresses. It's the key reason your prospects need to join your list and stay on it.

It needs to be effective, and it needs to address specific pain points or problems that your audience is facing so they will want to learn more about how you can help them solve this problem.

Writing successful landing page offers

The key to writing a good offer is knowing your audience and what they find valuable. It will be much easier to write a headline and image that will resonate with them if you do.

You can use Jasper Boss Mode for this as well! I have used the opt-in landing page recipe again for today's example.

As you will have seen in the video earlier, Jasper makes this so easy. You don't even need a recipe once you have mastered how to use Boss Mode commands.

In this example a specific pain point has been identified - you can adjust this to suit your audience:

Are you struggling to build your list because the content you're writing doesn't resonate with customers?

Just replace the words:

Are you struggling to ___________ because ___________ doesn't _____________?


  • Are you struggling to write opt-in pages because your copy doesn't engage your readers?

  • Are you struggling to make sales because your email subject line doesn't motivate readers to open the email?

  • Are you struggling to write a blog post because you lack focus and your copy doesn't resonate with your readers?

The information

Once you have established the offer, you need to inform the reader what they'll get when they take the next step. This information provides a more tangible reason for people to sign up and something they will likely want.

In this example, the offer is training: The Jasper Bootcamp Certification Course.

Jasper is here to save the day.

This AI copywriting app will write great content for you in minutes, making it THE perfect tool for busy marketers who are tired of spinning their wheels or outsourcing lackluster results.

If I gave you access to a powerful app that helped you write great content, would you use it?

If so, let me show you how to get started with Jasper - and get access to the FREE "Jasper Bootcamp" course.

Now I'm not going to leave you hanging.

I know getting started can be confusing, but the Jasper team has provided this Bootcamp for your success.

This Bootcamp will help you quickly get up and running so you can start saving time with interesting, engaging content in minutes!

Here's what's included in the Jasper Bootcamp course:

  • Getting Started with the Basics

  • How Jasper Thinks

  • How to use Templates

  • How to use Documents

  • Account Management

(note I had to fill in the course content, as Jasper would not know what that is)

To further drive that value home, you can use the copywriting formula rule of thumb. The copywriting formula says you should always tell people what your offer is and then give them three compelling reasons why it is crucial for them to take action.

Let's see how Jasper applied that in the landing page example:

See how Jasper responded to the command to give three compelling reasons each time? I like to run the command and leave it in place (CMD + SHIFT + ENTER) to re-run it several times and choose the best results - just like when you use the templates and choose between 1-10 outputs.

In this case, I chose the ones I liked the best, and with minimal editing, this is what we have:

It's really easy to get started.

You'll be able to save tons of time. You can start creating content like a Pro for yourself or others, with AI, in minutes - instead of hours!

There's no better feeling than saving time all that time during your workday by having Jasper write your content!

Plus with this course, you're getting lifetime access, which means you can go back to master what you've learned anytime.

The call to action

The final element on our page is the call to action (CTA). This goes above the form where they add their email address. The call to action is a great tool to encourage the reader to take action right away - which is what you want.

A call to action for this example would be something like:

I'm ready! Let's do this!

Sign Up Now and Get Access To The FREE Jasper Bootcamp Course

Enter your information below, and start using AI copywriting in minutes.

Let's watch Jasper write some CTAs with the Simple Opt-In Landing Page Recipe

That's it! Here's the final opt-in page copy!

Blogs By Jarvis - The final landing page copy
Blogs By Jarvis - The final landing page copy

Remember these 12 tips for writing landing page copy that converts:

  1. Keep it simple, clean, consistent and clear

  2. People are searching for something, answer their questions

  3. Use the same words as your customers

  4. Use credibility boosters and social proof

  5. Highlight problems and provide solutions

  6. Emphasize features, not benefits

  7. Stick to one thing on the landing page - one BIG IDEA

  8. Convey your value proposition

  9. Add testimonials and case studies

  10. Don't be afraid to use long-form content when required

  11. Include a call to action

  12. Get Jasper

If you manage to address all these points in your landing page copy and design, you'll see an increase in conversion rate!

Final thoughts...

Why should you write perfect landing page copy?

It's simple: it converts!

By having good copy on your landing page, you will increase conversion rates.

Improving your design and functionality is important to keep visitors on your page, but nothing can beat good copywriting - it's like fresh air for marketing.

I hope this helps you pick up some copywriting tips that will help you when writing landing page copy and make your business more profitable - and make more money!

Let me know in the blog comments below. Recommended Read: Simplified vs. Shortly AI: How To Choose The Best AI Writing Partner.

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