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11 Ways to Increase Your Facebook Engagement

PLUS Free 50 Done-For-You Questions For Engagement Guide

Who doesn't want more engagement on Facebook? If you are a new or evolving entrepreneur, then it's even more important that your Facebook posts get seen by as many people as possible on your Facebook page or in your group.

You want to connect with people who have a common interest or goal in mind, and Facebook is the perfect place to do that virtually; removing distance, time zones and schedules as inhibitors to those connections.

Facebook Posts Engagement Blog Header

When you publish a Facebook post, it is easy for the message to get lost in the shuffle of all the other content being shared in the news feed and you are constantly fighting the Facebook algorithm.

This blog post will provide 11 ways to Increase Engagement In Your Facebook Group


Industry Expert Molly Mahoney shares How To Grow Your Facebook Group With Artificial Intelligence.


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  1. Engagement Enthusiasts - These are the people that just naturally post, comment and share on Facebook. They are enthusiastic about the topic, naturally gregarious and just generally want to interact.

  2. Engagement Want-to's - These are the people that want to be involved in a discussion, but they don't do it often. They usually post once and then wander away because they're not sure if their input is welcome.

  3. Friendship Seekers - This type of person just wants friends on Facebook. They may have been invited by a friend, or they may have clicked the link on their News Feed.

It's important to know what type you're dealing with so that you can plan how best to ensure engagement from each person.

For example:

Engagement Enthusiasts will respond better if you give them more opportunities to participate.

Engagement Want-To's require a little more work on your part, but they are a good source of new content. They often have valuable questions and will respond better if you engage with them on a personal level.

Friendship Seekers will respond best to being tagged in posts to give them more opportunities to participate and connect.

The key is to offer different types of engagement opportunities so that people can join and contribute what they want without feeling overwhelmed by too many options.

Facebook Posts that Invite Engagement

While some group members will naturally want to create, engage with or share posts themselves, other will need encouragement to take action. Sometimes a call to action is all that’s needed.

It can be exhausting and time consuming to be constantly thinking of ways to get people to engage in your group, so having an engagement strategy planned is vital to keep things moving without taking up too much of your day.

Let's look at some ways to make that happen:

1. Make Members Feel Welcome

Your Facebook group is growing all the time, and you want to acknowledge and welcome new group members and followers frequently. Facebook groups makes this super easy!

Go to your group on Facebook and just add /members to the url


You will see a box in the top right hand corner saying:

Facebook Engagement New Group Members

"New members this week - You have XXX new members this week. Write a post to welcome them."

When you click on Write Welcome Post, it will automatically tag all those new members in a post.

All you need to do is write something fun and relevant to welcome them. This is also the perfect opportunity to ask them to introduce themselves so that you can learn more about their interests, which will help you connect and engage with them on a personal level.

Fact: Normally, the maximum number of people you can tag in a Facebook post is 50. Facebook group welcome posts does not have this limit, so don't worry if your group is growing so fast that you have more than 50 people to welcome at a time.

Tip: Make welcome posts frequent enough that you are not tagging hundreds of people at a time (or at least once a day in the case of super fast growing groups), but not too frequent so that you are only welcoming a few members each time - which can make it look like not many people are joining.

2. Share your Story

When you open up and share something personal in your facebook group, members are more likely to share something about themselves with you as well. Share your struggles, your victories and the little things in life that define who you are, get people invested in your story and make a real connection with them!

It's amazing the number of people who I have connected with via Facebook groups over the years who are now firm friends, but I have never actually met them in person!

3. Ask Questions

Facebook is a great way to connect with your audience and grow your business. But it can be difficult to come up with engaging questions for posts that will keep people on the page.

I use Artificial Intelligence to generate questions for my groups and pages, so that I can spend more time doing what matters most – building relationships and growing my business.

I can generate engaging, personalized content for all of my social media needs in seconds! I just need to input the topic and the target audience and I can get up to 50 questions with one click! If you'd like to try it, you can get 5 Days Free Access here:

Facebook Engagement Questions

Questions generate high levels of engagement in your Facebook posts and encourage participation in your group. The more engagement you get, the better your content will perform in the algorithm and the higher your post will be on Facebook's news feed.

When asking questions, use the video or photo upload option instead of text so it draws attention and viewers will engage more.

My go-to apps for quick and easy customised images are Canva and Ripl.

4. Photo Quotes

Facebook Engagement Photo Quote

Post a photo quote - either one you have made yourself (you never know, it might go viral!) - or share one relevant to your group topic.

Keep your comment simple, such as "Like if you agree" or "Yes or No?"

Photo quotes also provide an opportunity to get to know your group members on a more personal level, by learning what resonates with them, which can lead to increased engagement and better relationships.

5. Make Learning Fun!

Odds are that the purpose of your group is to provide a valuable resource for your members - for entrepreneurs this is usually education on a topic.

Facebook Engagement Make Learning Fun

One way to share information in an engaging way is share your information and follow it with a question.

If your group members are female entrepreneurs, you might say something like:

"Women entrepreneurs in the United States rank their happiness at nearly three times that of women who are not entrepreneurs or established business owners - what has made you happy today?"

6. Trends and Timing

You may have heard that timing is everything, and that can certainly be true when it comes to posting in your Facebook group. You can check which are the most active days and times in your group very easily.

Go to your group on facebook and just add /insights/?section=engagement to the url

For example:

By posting at the time most people are active in your group, you will make your posts more visible.

Facebook Engagement Trends and Timing

7. Leverage the Live

Facebook favors live videos over other content, so take advantage of this by going live at peak times for maximum reach! You can get more likes by using hashtags and tagging the people in your post so they appear as guests too!

Think of it like an event where you're inviting guests to come along with you. People often want to be part of your event, so make it something worth watching.

8. Remember to Interact Yourself

Facebook Engagement Interact

It's too easy to be so focussed on what you are posting in your group that you forget to interact with posts made by group members.

  • Monitor the activity in your group.

  • Pay attention to what they are posting.

  • Go ahead and like what they have posted, share links to their businesses or blogs and ask questions about the content they are posting.

Participating in a conversation will keep your group members engaged and you'll be able to learn from one another too!

9. Group Insights

Use your Facebook group insights to get a better idea of what people are responding to and which posts generate the most engagement. This will give you valuable insight into what your members want, so when it's time for you to post something new this information can be used as a guide.

You'll know how many views or comments each post is averaging too - that way you can use the insights to see which posts are generating the most clicks and likes so that when it's time for your next Facebook post, you know what content will resonate best with your members!

You can find your Facebook group insights by adding /insights to your group url

For example:

10. Create a Cohesive Community

A successful Facebook group is full of like minded people with a common goal, so it's important to set boundaries for a cohesive community. The Group Rules are the best place to let your members know what's acceptable to post. For instance, many groups do not allow self promotion - like website links or affiliate links - unless they specifically answer a question that has been asked.

Facebook Engagement Group Rules

A good example of this might be not allowing people to 'spam' the group with advertisements, but allowing links via comments - to products, services or information - when it has been requested.

11. Recognise and Reward your Top Contributors

There are some people who naturally lead in a group by frequently sharing their wisdom and advice, asking questions to help new people get engaged, or inviting others into discussions that might be of interest to them.

Try to recognise these people and reward them. This could be as simple as a 'thank you' post or a message from the admin of the group, but it's worth acknowledging that they are playing an important role in connecting with others on your behalf.

Facebook groups let you use badges to reward and incentivise group members to engage and interact. The most common group badges on Facebook are:

Facebook Engagement Rising Star

Rising Star - For new members who have created engaging posts.

Facebook Engagement Visual Storyteller

Visual storyteller - For people who share engaging images or videos.

Facebook Engagement Conversation Starter

Conversation starter - For people who create engaging posts and comments.

If this is someone who has been contributing significantly for some time, then consider giving them admin or moderator privileges for the group so they can help you manage it.

In Conclusion

The key to success on Facebook is being a good steward of the platform. You can't just post randomly, you have to be consistent and engage with your community in order for them to grow. Remember that people want their voices heard, so make sure they know how important they are by giving them opportunities to share opinions or ask questions about topics relevant to your group.

Keep things light! It's not all business; it’s okay - and encouraged - to have fun as well!

Finally, recognise those who are most invested in what you're doing and show appreciation through recognition and rewards - it will go a long way towards building an engaged community around your brand.

Frequently Asked Questions about Engagement on Social Media

What is considered a post engagement on Facebook?

When someone interacts with your post. This could be likes, shares or comments.

What are Facebook interactions?

Facebook interactions are actions a Facebook user can take on your post such as liking, commenting or sharing. This is another name for an engagement on a Facebook post.

How do I increase interactions on Facebook?

It's not easy to increase interactions on Facebook and it can take some time to get things dialled in. There are no set-in-stone rules like there is for SEO, where you can just Google it and follow the instructions. This blog post contains some helpful ways to increase engagement.

What are the most engaging Facebook posts?

When it comes to content, the most engaging posts are those that elicit a strong emotion. Some people like to use humor as this is one of the strongest emotions that can be evoked through writing or imagery on Facebook.

What is the difference between post reach and post engagement on Facebook?

Post reach means how many people can see the post on Facebook while engagement is how many people interacted with your post.

Why is my Facebook engagement so low?

There can be a number of reasons why your Facebook engagement isn't as high as you would like it to be. It may just be that the content that is getting posted on your page isn't relevant to your target audience or doesn't elicit an emotion strong enough for people to want to interact with it.

How can I create 12 months of social media content in less time than it takes to drink my Venti Cappuccino?

I'm using Missinglettr to turn my blogs content into scintillating social posts whilst I enjoy my favorite beverage!

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This article was written with the help of Jasper - my AI Copywriting Assistant from

Images were created in Canva.

As an affiliate, I may receive a commission for purchases made through any of the links in this article.

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