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12 Months of Social Content in 10 Mins - How Missinglettr Does It!

Grow your social presence the smart way - Missinglettr

Share bite-sized, curated content from your blog posts to increase exposure on multiple social medial channels - all in minutes!

Missinglettr is a masterful piece of social media scheduling software that enables you to create 12 months of content in just 10-minutes. With Missinglettr, you can schedule your social posts for the entire year and always stay on top of what's going on.

This post talks about you can create 12 months of content from just one of your blog posts with the help of awesome social media scheduling software like Missinglettr.

How to Get 12 Months of High Quality Social Media Posts from One Blog Post

How does one go about creating and scheduling dozens of high-quality blog posts for their social media accounts? Well, you can always get a little help from Jasper (my BFF Bot) to write them - which you can try out now with a 5 Day Free Trial - but there is also away to create all your content in advance and schedule it out months ahead of time, all from a blog post you've already written and published!

In fact, Missinglettr works super well with blog posts written with Jasper. Read on to discover more about the app Missinglettr, an essential tool to schedule your social media campaigns...


Try Missinglettr for just $5

New customers can get 30 days' access to the Missinglettr Pro Plan and Curate add-on for just $5 (a saving of $103).

This deal includes the following:

  • 3 Workspaces

  • 9 Social Profiles

  • 3,000 Scheduled Posts

  • Unlimited Extra Users

  • Promote up to 10 Curate posts per month


So, how can you schedule a year of social media content from just 1 blog post?

That’s exactly what the app Missinglettr is designed to do, helping you deliver an exceptional experience to your audience.

The Missinglettr app lets you create and schedule dozens of different social media posts from any of your blog posts with just one click! It also has features to let you curate the hottest content from around the web and automatically schedule it to publish to your social media accounts on autopilot.