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Jarvis Answers: How to expand content in Jarvis Boss Mode

Marketers extol the virtues of content marketing and how it is essential not only in terms of its importance but also in terms of its longevity.

Do you have an idea or a concept you'd like to expand upon, but you can't quite get your brain in gear?

Jarvis Boss Mode makes it easy!

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Jarvis Boss Mode is the top-tier plan available in Jarvis and unlocks extra features such as enhanced character look back and Jarvis commands. These allow Jarvis to understand better the context of the copy you want to create and allow you to direct him with customized commands for your exact needs. Recommended Read: Jasper AI Pro Unlimited Plan (Boss Mode)

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Learn more about Jarvis Boss Mode with this 101 Training:

Tips for expanding your content in Jarvis Boss Mode

There is no better way to know how well this will work than to try it yourself, but let me show you how I expand content in a blog post using Jarvis Boss Mode. Here's a quick video showing how easy it is to create expanded content, in Jarvis Boss Mode Note: If you are on the Starter Plan or Pro Plan, you'll need to upgrade to use Boss Mode commands.

In this example, which is a blog post, I ask Jarvis to continue writing under an H2 heading I have pulled from the Surfer Brief. I like to rewrite the H2 to make it unique, and the easiest way to do that is to add a target keyword.

Adding keywords in titles helps Jarvis understand the topic this copy is for.

This example content, I pull from the Surfer Brief, (watch me set that up here) is highly topical content that should be included in the blog post. Jarvis looks back over the previous copy - between 2000 - 3,000 characters - and understands the context of the copy.