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Jarvis Certified Expert - Here To Help

Get the support and training you need, to solve your Jarvis related content creation problems in a Private Facebook Group with Amanda Weston, Founder of Blogs by Jarvis and Jarvis Certified Expert.

Membership is $997 for LIFETIME ACCESS

If you purchased your Jarvis plan via my affiliate link, Membership is $297

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Join the Facebook group $997 (non-affiliated)

Join the Facebook group $297 (affiliated)

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Certified Expert

After working with the Jarvis team for many months as an Admin in the Facebook Community, I was honoured to be named a Jarvis Certified Expert, recognizing my contribution to the growth and success of the group. 

Ad Hoc

When time is if the essence, you sometimes need access to expert help without the hassle & expense of booking a 1-2-1 call or training session.

Group access to an expert means you can ask the questions you have as they occur.


and Trainings

Regular tutorials & trainings using real life use cases, so you can understand how to apply this to YOUR business.

The opportunity for your use case to be turned into an official training for Facebook, YouTube, the Blogs by Jarvis Blog & more.

Problem Solving Sessions

Real-time problem solving for your content needs.Create a post thread & receive expert help to guide Jarvis.

No waiting for a scheduled appointment.

Pro Tips
& Tricks

Pro tips how I get the best from Jarvis when creating my content, and the tricks I use to get the results I want every time. 


1-2-1 Training

Group members can book 1-2-1 training sessions at a members rate. 

More information on this soon.


What happens in the group: 

A great place for dynamic problem solving for your content needs and learning from seeing real use cases.

What this group is not: 

An academy of videos covering each template and feature or a place for LIVE shows and sessions.

Right I am working with members to understand their exact needs and solve the problems they have right now.


The content will grow over time, to be THE source of learning for writing with Jarvis

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