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3 Simple Tricks To Creating Urgency In Your Copy

As any copywriter knows, creating a sense of urgency is essential to getting people to act on your message.

After all, if people don't feel a sense of urgency, they'll likely just put your message aside and forget about it.

So how do you create urgency in your copy?

One way is to focus on the consequences of not taking action.

What will happen if they don't act now?

Will they miss out on a great opportunity?

Will they be left behind while others take advantage?

Paint a picture of what could happen if they don't act, perhaps with a list, and make it as clear as possible that time is running out.

Use Jasper templates - PAS, AIDA, Feature-to-Benefit, and Before-After-Bridge - to promote your offer and create urgency.

Jasper is an AI-powered copywriting assistant that helps you write high-converting copy in minutes, not hours.

PAS stands for Problem-Agitation-Solution and is a framework that breaks down the key components of any great offer.

AIDA stands for Attention-Interest-Desire-Action, and is a classic copywriting formula that's been used for decades to write persuasive copy.

Feature-to-Benefit is a simple but effective way to show how your offer will solve someone's problem. This technique is especially effective at creating urgency because it makes it clear that there's a problem that needs to be solved, and that your offer is the solution.

Before-After-Bridge is a framework that highlights the pain points someone is experiencing before they take your offer, and how their life will be improved after they take it.

All of these templates can be found in Jasper's library of over 50 copy templates.

Another way to create urgency is to use scarcity.

If there's only a limited supply of what you're offering, or if it's only available for a limited time, be sure to mention that in your copy. This will create a sense of urgency and encourage people to act before it's too late.

Use Jasper Boss Mode commands such as:

>Use FOMO to create a [insert your copy format e.g. social post] for this offer

>create urgency with a call to action for {product} that solves {pain point} for {audience}

>write a [insert your copy format e.g. social post] that motivates action for this time-sensitive offer

Finally, remember that your tone can also convey a sense of urgency.

Be confident and direct in your language, and avoid anything that sounds wishy-washy or uncertain. Make it clear that you expect people to take action, and they likely will.

Tones to create urgency:

  • Excited

  • Urgent

  • Confident

  • Proactive

  • Motivational

  • Empowering

  • Action-oriented

Here are some examples of Jasper Commands you could use to promote your offer:

>write a social post with an urgent tone that promotes this time-sensitive offer

>write an email with a confident tone that motivates people to take action on this limited-time offer

>write a blog post with an empowering tone that encourages people to take advantage of this urgent offer

Urgency + Value = the Magic Formula

When you focus on creating urgency in your copy, be sure to also focus on delivering value.

Your offer needs to be valuable enough that people are willing to take action on it, even if they're feeling a sense of urgency.

The best way to do this is to use what's known as the magic formula:

The Magic Formula = Urgency + Value

In other words, your offer needs to be both urgent and valuable in order to be successful. So if you're looking to create urgency in your copy, keep the magic formula in mind and be sure to deliver on both fronts.

Urgency should be created through scarcity, using strong language, and by focusing on the consequences of not taking action.

Add value by promoting your offer in terms of the before and after and by making it clear that it's the solution to a problem.

With the magic formula in mind, you can create urgency in your copy without sacrificing value. So if you're looking to boost conversions and sales, be sure to use this technique, and you'll be well on your way to writing persuasive, high-converting copy in no time. My Top 10 Reasons to use AI Right Now!

Jasper can help you write high-converting copy that hits the sweet spot between urgency and value.

Try Jasper free today to see how easy it is to write persuasive, urgent copy that gets results.

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