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5 Types of Content AI can help Virtual Assistants Create

You are a Virtual Assistant looking for a way to save time and get better copy for your clients, but it can be hard to write about unfamiliar topics.

[Virtual Assistants] Create High Converting Content with AI

Whether it's a blog post, an email newsletter, social media campaign, or something else altogether, the process of creating high converting copy can be time-consuming and exhausting.

Read on to discover a helpful option that won't cost the earth!

AI Copywriting is the answer for Virtual Assistants

Using artificial intelligence to create content that will help you grow your virtual assistant business is the way forward. AI can help you produce copy for your clients that will engage their audience and get them interested in what they have to offer.

With AI Copywriting, your clients will be impressed by how well-written your content is. They won’t know what hit them when they see all of these new customers coming in from your marketing campaigns! Recommended Read: 10 Reasons to Use AI for Copywriting Right Now

In this blog post, we're going to go over the secret sauce to using AI for your content creation as a virtual assistant. So keep reading because if you follow these steps, you too can write content that converts like gangbusters!

Content Creation for Virtual Assistants

First, let's look at the different types of marketing copy you might want to write as a virtual assistant...

1. Blog Posts

These could be for your own business blog or posts for a client's blog.

A blog post - or article as they are often known, is a short piece of content (typically long-form) that can be about anything from fashion to business advice.

Blog posts provide valuable information to consumers, often answering a question that they have before making a purchase, although they can also be about much more than products and services - they might discuss a topical event or provide information on an industry.

Blog posts are one of the most popular types of marketing content on websites, so it's important that you are able to produce high quality written content at regular intervals, for your own blog or for your clients.

2. Social Media Content

There is no doubt that most virtual assistants create copious amounts of marketing content for social media for their clients' businesses, whether that's on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn.

The thing that's important to remember here is that it's all about the quality and not the quantity. The most important thing is to know what your client's audience is looking for on social media: if they want more recipes, then post them! If they're interested in articles related to technology or design, go ahead with those posts too. Most importantly: engage with your client's audience, in your client's voice, and ask them about what they want to read.

In addition, virtual assistants can use social media as a way of finding new customers for their own business.

The key is that the content should always be about topics related to the business and not just general things like funny pictures of cats (although they are quite popular!) or sharing other posts or content. You want to create original, valuable content that your client's audience wants to read.

You also want to post regularly, but not so often that you're annoying your client's followers.

Authenticity is they key, so if it's a business account, have someone else in the company participate so they can still be part of social media without having to do all the posts themselves.

3. Facebook & Google Ad Copy

If your clients have you creating Facebook Ads or Google Ads, you'll need high converting content to help attract new leads and convert them into customers.

There are many things small businesses struggle with when it comes to generating customer interest, but one of the major ones is finding the right way to connect with their prospects, so that they can build trust. The right Ad copy can make all the difference here.

Crafting Ad copy for your clients is a skill that requires significant research into what their prospects are searching for. This means a lot of research, testing and tweaking to find the right copy that will attract new leads and convert them into customers.

4. Website Copy

One of the everyday tasks virtual assistants undertake is updating clients' websites. To ensure a website kept up to date, not only with new products and services, it will need to be updated with fresh content regularly. This will help to keep prospects engaged with the company's website, and can lead to a higher conversion rate.

5. Email Newsletters

Let's go right ahead and bust the myth that email marketing is dead. It's actually alive and kicking.

Remember, email marketing is a numbers game - the more you do it, the better your results will be, but the key to conversion here is valuable, actionable content that is sent to your subscribers on a regular basis.

One of the best email marketing strategies you can implement is email newsletters - they are comprehensive, informative and help build those conversion rates. Think about it. A newsletter provides all sorts of information: industry news, tips and tricks related to your niche or expertise as well as other valuable information you have gleaned from your research.

All of this content will help to build a relationship with the reader and show them how valuable what they are reading is - which, in turn, increases conversion rates when it comes time for sales. And believe me, there's nothing more satisfying than seeing that high open rate!

How Can AI Make Content Marketing Copywriting Easier?

Now we have explored the types of content creation you tackle on a daily basis, let's look at how AI can assist your daily copywriting tasks.

Jasper, the AI Copywriting Assistant can generate genuinely human-sounding, creative, engaging, and conversational content for you. It’s a great way to save time on writing about unfamiliar topics, whilst working within tried and tested frameworks like AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action) and PAS (Problem, Agitate, Solution). You’ll get the same quality of output as if you (a human) wrote it yourself but without all the hassle!

AI can generate text following these frameworks to help you create high converting copy in a fraction of the time it would take for human writers. With the ability to choose from multiple outputs each time, you can just keep going until you find one that hits the perfect spot, all in just minutes.

Text generated by AI will have all the necessary components for high converting copy and is always written based on the parameters you input, including tone of voice.

Can AI Really Help a VA to Create High Converting Content?

Jasper AI Copywriting Assistant has 40+ templates available to help your content creation including:

Blogs Posts - Blog topic ideas, outline, intro paragraph, SEO titles and Meta Description

Facebook Ads - Headlines and text

Google Ads - Headlines and text

Instagram - Photo post captions

Amazon - Product features & product descriptions

Websites - Headlines (H1) and sub-headlines (H2), SEO titles and meta description, product page SEO titles and meta description, services page SEO titles and meta description, personal bio, company bio

YouTube - Topic ideas, video titles, video description, script outline, script hook and intro

Marketing - New angles, persuasive bullet points, feature-to-benefit, before-after-bridge framework, unique value propositions, email subject lines

Review responser, creative stories and even 'explain it to a child' to make text simpler to read.

PLUS Content Improver to re-write existing content, sentence expander to turn a few words into one or two sentences and the Pro Plan has additional features such as a Long Form Assistant to actually write the content for you at your direction, right there in a blog post setup, and re-phrase and make more interesting tools too!

With a host of instructional and support videos available in our Academy, you'll get to grips with AI copywriting in no time, just by inputting your subject, keywords and topic in order for it to automatically create high-quality copy without any need for prior knowledge or experience with writing.

The Possibilities Are Endless for Virtual Assistants With AI

Your current clients will be so impressed by your new writing style, they may offer you more work.

You could take on new clients and offer more services because you have more time.

You could expand your business into new areas of support in your Virtual Assistant business.

It's a win-win situation!

We're confident that AI will be the future of content creation for your Virtual Assistant business.

Choose AI for Better Blog Content, Faster

Let me show you how our Jasper helped me write this blog post!

In addition to the AIDA Framework that I used to start the article, the Long Form Assistant filled in most of the content in between the titles.

Next I went to the persuasive bullet points to really highlight the features of using an AI Copywriting Assistant for you...

Persuasive Bullet Points and Long Form Assistant

and picked out the best ones!

• Easy to use interface

• Ready to write marketing content within seconds

• Write more content in less time

• Get better copy for your clients

• Write about new subjects

• Less stress from trying to be creative and engaging

• Conversational, natural tone of voice

• Clear and concise sentences for easy reading

• Keeps you on track with marketing frameworks and proven strategies

I even had help with the SEO for the blog post title and meta description!

See how all the pieces fit together?

SEO Blog Posts Title and Meta Description and Long Form Assistant

Experience the Power of Marketing Frameworks for Facebook

The best performing Facebook posts are written using the oldest marketing formulas. Put aside gimmicks and concentrate on providing value and engaging with your audience.

I show you more about using AI to create high converting Facebook Posts (including an example) in my article - How To Save Time & Create Facebook Posts That Convert with AI

Crafting Converting Website Copy with AI

Websites should be a representation of your brand and the value you offer to visitors. They also act as an extension of who you are, which is why conversion copywriting for websites with AI has become so popular in recent years.

The best website copy is also, not surprisingly, written using tried and tested content marketing formulas, making it clear what's on offer them in order for them to convert.

Website copy should be written with a specific audience in mind, the type of content they're likely to engage with and how you can best communicate your offer.

The first step is figuring out what your site's conversion goal is - whether it's for leads or customers - then learning about who will visit after landing on that page.

In order to make the conversion copy as effective as it can be, you'll need to know something a bit more about your target audience.

The best place to start is by understanding what they're looking for and their pain points. Then you can use the AIDA and PAS marketing frameworks to communicate what you're offering in a much more compelling way.

Content for your Email Newsletters

There has never been a better way to reach out to current and future customers than through email newsletters! Using the power of Artificial Intelligence, it couldn't be easier for you to send regular updates about your client's latest activities and updates about their business to their customer base.

Use AI to showcase your company's personality - there is no better way than using Artificial Intelligence to create a newsletter and selecting a humorous tone of voice, or one of a celebrity can inject some much-needed hilarity into your text.

I'm sure you've caught on by now that our AI Copywriting Assistant can quickly craft some high converting copy for your newsletters, simply by you inputting the parameters and generating the AI content. It really is pretty simple, and quick! No extra technical skills required!

In conclusion: Is AI right for your Virtual Assistant Business?

Yes! Artificial intelligence is the future for virtual assistants. It's a no-brainer that this amazing technology will help your company save time, increase conversions, and ultimately make you more money. Plus with our AI Copywriter Assistant on board, it couldn't be easier for you to send regular updates about your latest activities or promote new products and services to your followers.

This low cost AI Copywriting Assistant will save you hours of work every day so that you can focus on what matters most - your business! Get started with a free trial today, or get started with confidence, knowing there is a 7-day money-back guarantee - no questions asked!

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