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Blogs by Jarvis
Premium Recipe Bundle

Become instantly more productive by generating fresh new content with Jasper 
10X faster than before!

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Amanda Weston
Jasper Certified Expert & Founder of Blogs by Jarvis

These preformatted workflows, created by Jasper Experts, harness highly trained copywriters' skills to provide you with copy frameworks to produce highly targeted unique content - even faster!

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29 Premium Recipes for Jasper Boss Mode

My Blogs by Jarvis Recipes are packed with useful hints and tips for getting the best content from Jasper.
They're detailed so you can get started straight away!

Social Media

1 - Facebook Post

2 - Highly Engaging Facebook Posts

3 - Facebook Post with Embedded URL

4 - Fast & Fabulous Facebook Posts

5 - Reels Storyboard

6 - Social Posts from Downloads

Marketing Copy

18 - Replicate Marketing Emails And Make Them Work for YOU!

19 - Transition Statements

20 - Video Sales Letter

21 - Personalize. Pain Point. Pitch.

22 - Creating a Buyer Aha Moment

23 - Terms, Tones & Buzzwords

23 - Punchy Personal Bios

25 - Press Release

26 - Elevator Pitch

27 - 6 Step Value Proposition


7 - Product Review Blog Post

8 - Blog Posts for Affiliate Blogs

9 - Amazon Review Blog Post

10 - Review Blogs in Minutes (Feb '22 

11 - Listicles 

12 - Recipe Blog Post Intro

13 - Rewrite / Expand Blog Posts

14 - Rewrite or Expand Content 

15 - Text Summarizer

Just For Fun!

28 - Word of the Day

29 - Valentine's Message or Love Note

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Jasper Approved

Web Copy & Funnels

16 - Simple Opt-In Landing Page

17 - Persuasive Landing Page Copy

9 ways to become more productive by using Blogs by Jarvis Recipes

With Blogs by Jarvis recipes your content creation workflow is so easy:

  1. Be more organized - keep your workflow tidy with pre-written scripts in one place

  2. Structured - follow patterns of content creation for a consistent approach

  3. Save time - start your content creation with a click

  4. Be inspired - recipes will spark new ideas

  5. Redeploy content - use recipes to reuse your content in new formats

  6. Collaborate - send recipes to team members and VAs

  7. Create a process - learn new ways to create content with step by step instructions you can replicate

  8. Consistent results - with ready to use recipe formulas that are fool proof and will give you results every time

  9. Relax - taking the stress out of your content creation process so you can actually enjoy it!

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