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Amanda Weston - Founder Blogs by Jarvis

Amanda Weston - Founder, Blogs by Jarvis

Welcome to Blogs by Jarvis

I've always loved writing and have been creating content for over 30 years.

I have a successful health & wellness blog, but my life - and my blog - changed forever when I met Jarvis - a cute, conversational AI copywriter.

Jarvis, now called Jasper, helped me to make my blog awesome, which inspired me to help other bloggers become blogging rockstars too!

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Jarvis from Conversion AI

Jasper AI Copywriter

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AI Copywriting

Generate high converting copy for your Affiliate Blog,

Facebook and Google Ads, Website Landing Pages,

You Tube Scripts

and more.

With AI Copywriting.

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Winning SEO

Want a winning SEO strategy? Done!

Content marketing tips and trends? Got it covered for you.

With Surfer's algorithm, there's no need to waste hours coming up with that perfect content plan on your own any longer!



Stunning Images

Stand out from the crowd by creating stunning images for your website.

For engagement, conversions, or even just fun...

Visual content is a powerful tool.
What will you create today?


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Dominate Social

Save time on Social Media with tools that make crafting and scheduling your posts a breeze.

Turn your blog content into campaigns in minutes and reach your readers where they are at right now!

Grow your social presence the smart way

Wake up to news about the world’s most powerful blogging & digital marketing tools in your inbox.

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Amanda Weston - Founder, Blogs by Jarvis


My Top Tools:
Jasper for my long-form and short-form copywriting (blogs, social posts, video scripts, etc.)
Simplified for the perfect combo of design and writing with AI (artificial intelligence)
Grammarly to check my work before publishing, because I'm human, and we all make mistakes!

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